Who’s the racist? Poll finds partisan divide on question shifting in Trump’s favor

by WorldTribune Staff, July 17, 2019

The number of American voters who think President Donald Trump is a racist is decreasing, while an increased number think Democrats’ and the corporate media’s constant beating of the “racism” drum is just political posturing, a new poll found.

President Donald Trump hinted he will discuss ‘people who love, and hate, our country’ at a July 17 rally in North Carolina.

A new Rasmussen survey found that 49 percent do not believe Trump is a racist while 47 percent do. In a previous poll, 50 percent said they believed Trump was a racist.

The survey found that “the partisan division of opinion couldn’t be any clearer,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted.

The poll found that 80 percent of Democrats believe the president is a racist and 85 percent of Republicans think the racism charges by his opponents are politically motivated. Voters not affiliated with either major party are evenly divided on the question.

Meanwhile, 32 percent of Democrats say it’s racist for any white politician to criticize the political views of a politician of color. That’s a view shared by just 16 percent of both GOP and unaffiliated voters.

The Rasmussen poll found that more voters than before believe Trump’s critics are using race only for political gain and the percentage of those who think he’s a racist have shrunk.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 47 percent of all ‘Likely U.S. Voters’ think Trump is a racist, down slightly from 50 percent in January 2018. Slightly more (49 percent) disagree and say his opponents are accusing him of racism only for political gain, up from 43 percent in the earlier survey,” said a pre-release analysis of the poll.

The poll “unveiled some new trends that highlight the current clash between the president and four House Democratic women of color,” Bedard noted.

The president hinted that he will address the ongoing battle with the so-called “squad” at a July 17 rally in North Carolina.

Trump tweeted: “Big Rally tonight in Greenville, North Carolina. Lots of great things to tell you about, including the fact that our Economy is the best it has ever been. Best Employment & Stock Market Numbers EVER. I’ll talk also about people who love, and hate, our Country (mostly love)! 7:PM”

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