Who has the best take on ‘Try That In A Small Town’: Leftists or black reactors on YouTube?

by WorldTribune Staff, July 31, 2023

The New Republic pretty much summed up the leftist mentality on Jason Aldean’s song “Try That In A Small Town” with the following July 21 headline: “Republicans Rush to Defend Jason Aldean for Racist Song Filmed at Lynching Site”.

Jason Aldean

The subhead read indicated that the song “isn’t even trying to hide its toxic message — and Republicans seem to love it.”

The Left seems to have a real problem with the so-called “imagery” presented in the video of “Try That In A Small Town.”

Sunny Hostin of “The View” blared: “I’m not going to give him (Aldean) the benefit of the doubt…My father is from Augusta and Macon and I spent many summers there. Yeah, both. It is one of the most racist places in this country. So don’t tell me that he knew nothing about what that imagery meant. So, I don’t give him the benefit.”

But if you journey outside the leftist bubble you will find a much different take on Aldean’s song.

By a huge margin, black reactors to Aldean’s song and video on YouTube are saying there is nothing racist about “Try That In A Small Town”.

Here are just a few (note the number of views, one has over 2 million):

As for Aldean, he has responded to the woke mob-induced controversy by saying: “I have been accused of releasing a pro-lynching song (a song that has been out since May) and was subject to the comparison that I (direct quote) was not too pleased with the nationwide BLM protests. These references are not only meritless, but dangerous. There is not a single lyric in the song that references race or points to it — and there is not a single video clip that isn’t real news footage — and while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music — this one goes too far.”

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