Wake up call: Trump was ‘glue that held world together,’ Team Biden turned ‘harmony into hell’

by WorldTribune Staff, October 10, 2023

“Our world was at peace under President Trump.”

Top Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller started his Oct. 7 tweet (see below) with that line. It has since garnered over 3.5 million views.

Following Saturday’s terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel, Trump posted on Truth Social: “The horrible attack on Israel, much like the attack on Ukraine, would never have happened if I were President – zero chance!”

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer noted in a social media post: “Trump is the glue that was holding the entire world together when he was in office. Do you see it now? I just wish people would wake up and come to understand the world is going to be over if Trump doesn’t get back into office. Our country will be finished, forever. Wake up!”

As Revolver News put it: “We were fortunate to experience four glorious years of peace and prosperity under President Trump’s leadership. Since his removal due to a very questionable pandemic and a wave of unverified mail-in ballots, the world has descended into mass chaos.”

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