Video: Licensed therapist gives explicit sex education to 4-year-olds

by WorldTribune Staff, June 19, 2023

An undercover video from a Pride Month event in Denton, Texas reportedly shows a licensed therapist saying that she teaches comprehensive sex education to four-year-olds.

Sex package for a 13-year-old from Denton County Public Health. / Current Revolt

In the video posted by Current Revolt, the therapist tells the undercover videographer she is somewhat of a “freelancer,” saying she teaches independently at a couple “progressive” private schools in Denton, which is located at the north end of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex.

“The sex educator was working the Denton County Public Health booth, seemingly as a volunteer,” Current Revolt reported. “She also mentioned that she teaches independently and works with children from as young as age 4 all the way through high school age. One of the schools she works with is the Koan School in Denton, which bills itself as a non-profit private school for K-12th grade students.”

The videographer is also given a package for a 13-year-old from the therapist which contains condoms, instruction on how to use a condom, and a free STI/HIV testing kit.

The videographer asks the therapist if he is allowed to have more condoms for his young nephews, who he says are “about getting that age now, they’re about 13, 14 now.” He is told to take as many condoms of various varieties as he would like so “that way, they can kinda explore and figure out what they like.”

Current Revolt added: “The Human Rights Campaign also had a table at the event. They spoke at length about wanting to fight against ‘anti-trans and anti-drag’ bills that were successfully passed in Texas.”

When the videographer mentions fining people for misgendering individuals, the Human Rights Campaign staffer says, “Hopefully! History is on our side.”

Protect Texas Kids posted a recap of the bills that were passed in Texas during the latest legislative session:

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