Unfair and unbalanced: Check out headline list at Washington Post’s Opinion section

by WorldTribune Staff, October 18, 2018

Are opinion columnists at owner Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post required to publish anti-Trump diatribes according to a quota system?

In a blog post for the Washington Free Beacon, Andrew Stiles on Oct. 18 provided a headline list by columnists since July 2018:

Eugene Robinson (Columnist focusing on politics and culture)

  • Our planet is in crisis. We don’t have time for Trump’s foolishness.
  • Trump’s rally rhetoric is going to get somebody killed
  • The world is burning, and the Trump administration wants to make it worse

Dana Milbank (Op-ed columnist covering national politics)

  • Trump’s utter amorality has been exposed
  • Trump goes on a bender
  • The Trump albatross

EJ Dionne Jr. (Columnist covering national politics)

  • The path to autocracy is all too familiar
  • Trump is working with the trolls
  • Trump lies. And lies. And lies.

Catherine Rampell (Columnist covering economics, public policy, politics and culture)

  • Trump could play Scrooge this holiday season
  • Some other resonances between Trump and Al Capone
  • Three reasons Trump’s new immigration rule should make your blood boil

Karen Tumulty (Columnist covering national politics)

  • Trump’s America is a bully, not a beacon
  • Trump spreads racism with a fighter pilot’s precision
  • Trump’s worst moment since Charlottesville

David Ignatius (Columnist covering foreign affairs)

  • Trump sees enemies everywhere. He should look in the mirror.
  • What a baby
  • Trump just took us another step closer to the abyss

Jonathan Capehart (Opinion writer focusing on the intersection of social and cultural issues and politics)

  • I used to be afraid to call Trump a mob boss. Not anymore.
  • Yes, Donald Trump, you are a ‘racist’

Helaine Olen (Opinion writer focusing on politics, economics and American life)

  • Donald Trump’s grotesque fraud
  • Brett Kavanaugh’s lies are part of the Republican ecosystem

Greg Sargent (Opinion writer covering national politics)

  • Why is the mob angry? Because Trump is ripping us apart with bigotry and hatred
  • Trump’s corruption is staining everything. Now it’s about to stain the Supreme Court.
  • Trump’s authoritarian musings are now seen as routine

Paul Waldman (Opinion writer covering politics)

  • Trump has deeply damaged America’s global image. How much does it matter?
  • President Trump brings mafia ethics to the GOP
  • Trump is in trouble, so he’s reaching for his ace in the hole: hate

The Free Beacon’s Stiles noted that “the average Washington Post reader is unlikely to (un-ironically) own a MAGA hat. Maybe this is what customers demand. After all, the Daily Show thrived by placating a certain liberal subset’s lust for affirmation of their moral superiority, especially during the Bush administration. People enjoy content that validates their worldview.”

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