UK’s Spectator: The anti-Trump meltdown, greatest show on earth

by WorldTribune Staff, April 13, 2018

The election of Nov. 8, 2016 not only gave us President Donald Trump but kicked off what has become the greatest show on earth – “The Resistance™”, a columnist wrote.

The anti-Trump movement “gets attention for the same reason that a freak show at a carnival does. Every rational person is appalled by it but somehow cannot look away,” Roger Kimball wrote for Spectator USA on April 11.

‘Someone they did not favor was elected president of the United States in a free, open, democratic election. Can you believe it?’

“Hillary Clinton had hardly got outside her last goblet of Chardonnay in the wee hours of November 9, 2016 before ‘the resistance party,’ a ‘grassroots movement fighting against the hateful and authoritarian agenda of Donald Trump and the radical right,’ was infesting the Internet,” Kimball wrote.

“Media pundits across the country warned their audiences against ‘normalizing’ the President. ‘Trump is not a legitimate President,’ screamed one typical member of the fourth estate, ‘Normalizing fascism, the marriage of authoritarianism and nationalism with a business controlled government, is wrong.’ ”

Kimball continued: “You can understand their anguish. Someone they did not favor was elected president of the United States in a free, open, democratic election. Can you believe it? Their candidate lost. Even worse, the opposing candidate was elected without their permission, over their strenuous objections, unremitting ridicule, and against their hermetically sealed certitude that such a thing was impossible, impossible!”

The 2016 presidential election “worked the way the Constitution said it was supposed to work, not the way Hollywood millionaires, Ivy-educated pundits, angry feminists, or partisan opponents wanted it to work,” Kimball wrote.

“No wonder the Resistance™ is so voluble and tenacious. Just a couple of days ago the comedy site Vox, reporting on the many rallies against President Trump that continue to provide free entertainment at college campuses and other redoubts of privilege across the country, noted that ‘While the rallies people are attending may not always be Trump-specific, they are certainly Trump-related.’ Indeed they are.”

Kimball continued: “The early Christian sage Tertullian opined that among the delights of the blessed in heaven was contemplating the torments of the damned in hell. Tertullian’s teaching was later declared heretical, but his psychology was sound. Schadenfreude may be an unChristian emotion. But all the best authorities recognize its delights.”

The anti-Trump movement, Kimball wrote, “is the incarnation of absurdity, but all the more fascinating on account of its extravagance. I mentioned Tertullian. He is probably most famous for the mot Credo quia absurdum: ‘I believe because it is absurd.’ …[I]t might as well be the motto for the Resistance™.”

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