Trump official declares war on bureaucratic bloat: ‘Let’s just burn a few things down …’

by WorldTribune Staff, February 19, 2017

The White House’s liaison to House Republicans is calling for huge cuts to several agencies and a drastic reduction of the government workforce.

Paul Teller

Paul Teller, the former chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz said he believes the Trump administration can pursue a sweeping agenda in its first budget request — “no more tweaking around the edges … let’s just burn a few things down, let’s just rip out this department, let’s kill this agency.”

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Teller, in a post-election speech he gave to the conservative Council on National Policy, specifically names the Department of Education and suggests the same basic strategy can be used to at least clean out, if not eliminate, other unnamed agencies.

“You probably can’t get rid of these departments down to zero,” he said, adding that “you can get it down to like 10 percent of what it is,” so that the vast majority of its actual functions disappear.

Teller also suggested a purge of the federal government’s career staff.

“If you’re talking about draining the swamp, the best way to do it is let a lot of these government employees leave. Attrition. Don’t rehire them. Make it easier to fire them,” he said.

“Go after the State Department folks too,” Teller said. “Everybody talks about the civil service domestically, but no one talks about the Foreign Service. Let’s go after the Foreign Service.”