Transgender veteran christens new Navy ship, the USNS Harvey Milk

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 8, 2021

It seems only fitting that a woke military in which the top brass views climate change as its top threat would assign a transgender veteran to christen a new U.S. Navy ship named after a sexual predator.

The replenishment oiler USNS Harvey Milk was christened on Nov. 7 by former Navy officer Paula M. Neira, clinical program director for the John Hopkins Center for Transgender Health.

Milk was in the Navy in the early 1950s and was honorably discharged in 1955.

Milk was serving on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1978 when a Democrat political colleague, Dan White, murdered him and Mayor George Moscone at City Hall.

Milk’s friend and biographer, Randy Shilts, documented in his book “The Mayor of Castro Street” that “Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems.” He was known to have several man-boy sexual relations.

One of Milk’s paramours, 16-year-old runaway Jack McKinley, eventually committed suicide.

In a 2013 op-ed after the U.S Postal Service issued a Harvey Milk stamp, constitutional attorney Matt Barber wrote for

“Harvey Milk’s only claim to fame is that he was the first openly homosexual candidate to be elected to public office (San Francisco city commissioner). His chief cause was to do away with the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. In 1978 Milk was murdered over a non-related political dispute by fellow Democrat Dan White.

“And a ‘progressive’ martyr was born.

“Merriam Webster defines ‘pederast’ as ‘one who practices anal intercourse especially with a boy.’ It defines ‘statutory rape’ as ‘the crime of having sex with someone who is younger than an age that is specified by law.’ ”

“Harvey Milk was both a pederast and, by extension, a statutory rapist. After I publicly addressed this objective reality, the liberal blogosphere reacted in, shall we say, an informatively defensive manner.”

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