The new feminism: Women who arm themselves

Special to WorldTribune,

by Brittany Jennings, July 28, 2017

Women are now arming themselves. You could call it the new feminism.

In Chicago for example, women are joining gun clubs and learning firearms safety after an uptick in the ongoing epidemic of violence.

Ladies of Steel: ‘Don’t get in our way’.

As of July, Chicago has had 1,557 shootings and 369 people have been killed.

The “Ladies of Steel” gun club in Chicago meet twice a month. Javondlynn Dunagan, a former parole officer, decided to bear arms after her divorce and established this gun group.

“I noticed that I never saw two women at the range together or a group of ladies,” Dunagan said.

She talked to her friends who admitted they were afraid of guns. This encouraged her to start JMD Defense & Investigations. This program is aimed at women, teaching firearms safety and training. The group also teaches how to be a responsible gun owner.

Her clients are primarily African-Americans, who live in the south side of Chicago.

These new feminists are an inspiration to all women including this writer.

Young, old, white, or black, women should empower themselves to carry a gun. It provides a sense of security that, if something goes wrong, you have the ability to protect yourself and your family.

No one should feel unsafe — especially, women. After all, it is your Second Amendment right.

Guns are the great equalizer. Some women prefer to have guard dogs. I prefer to carry a gun. Why? Because regardless of the size or strength of the assailant, if someone tries to attack me I have the means to fully and completely defend myself. I don’t fear being alone because I have a gun — and hence, the means — to defend myself.

Contrast this to the Women’s March on Washington. These radical feminists are more preoccupied with Trump’s vulgar language on a video tape from 12 years ago. For them, women’s rights are all about demonizing Trump and banning guns. They are completely out of touch with the real needs of women.

Here in Boston, shootings are on the rise. It’s being called a “Bloody Summer.”

Boston has had 59 shootings since Memorial Day, seven have been fatal. The streets are no longer safe for anyone but especially women.

Rather than condemning violence, liberal feminists call for gun control. Gun control disarms women who want to protect themselves from someone who intends to do them harm.

It’s time that the die-hard feminists stop portraying women as victims. We aren’t. We can carry a gun. We can defend ourselves. We can protect our loved ones. Don’t get in our way.

Brittany Jennings is Executive Producer of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.