Thank me very much: Climate change hero Kerry grants self private-jet privilege

by WorldTribune Staff, February 4, 2021

If climate change advocates are believed, John Kerry is killing the planet faster than he his working to save it.

Kerry, who has been named Joe Biden’s international czar on climate, said he had no problem flying to Iceland on a carbon-spewing private jet in 2019 to receive an environmental leadership award. (Remind us, was videoconferencing invented by 2019?)

John ‘Private Jet’ Kerry

When asked about it, Kerry said: “[It’s] the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

Like many other private jet-taking, luxury yacht-cruising leftist elites, Kerry simply shrugs off the hypocrisy of it all, a columnist noted.

“Kerry apparently thinks his own jet’s fuel doesn’t stink,” Cheryl K. Chumley wrote for The Washington Times on Feb. 4.

Kerry is “taking one for the team,” Chumley wrote. “He doesn’t want to be a polluter; he hates that he has to fly by, gasp, private jet. But he’ll do it. He’s doing it. He’ll gulp and suffer and bite down hard and eat the antacids because, by golly, he’s getting out the word about climate change. We should be thanking him, really.”

When asked about his carbon party to and from Iceland, Kerry pointed out:

“I negotiated the Paris Accords for the United States.”

No to mention: “I negotiated with [China] President Xi to bring President Xi to the table so we could get Paris.”

To his credit, it appears Kerry did not fly Xi to the table in a private jet.

Kerry went on to proclaim: “I’ve been involved with this fight for years.”

Greta Thunberg has been “involved in this fight” for not as many years as Kerry.

But, as Chumley pointed out, at least Greta “took a boat.”

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