‘Tear them down’: Activist targets all statues, murals and stained glass of ‘white Jesus’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 23, 2020

The mob has now set its sights on America’s churches.

Shaun King, a once prominent Black Lives Matter leader and avid supporter of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, is calling for all statues, murals and stained glass depicting “white Jesus and his European mother” to be torn down.

Shaun King contends that ‘white Jesus is a lie’ and a ‘tool of white supremacy.’ / YouTube

King tweeted on June 22: “Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are a form of white supremacy. Always have been. In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went? EGYPT! Not Denmark. Tear them down.”

King followed the post up with another, saying that “white Jesus is a lie” and a “tool of white supremacy” created to help white people use Christianity as a “tool of oppression. He added that white people would never have accepted a religion “from a Brown man.”

King then tweeted support from taking down all imagery, including “murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends.”

“They are a gross form white supremacy,” King wrote. “Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda. They should all come down.”

Some Twitter users pointed out to King that cultures other than white Europeans have depicted Jesus in ways that resembled the local community.

Ethiopia has depicted Jesus as black for more than 1,500 years. Images of Jesus appearing Asian can be found throughout the Far East.

At one time, King was prominent within the Black Lives Matter movement. But he fell from grace when his race was questioned and he was accused of being a Caucasian falsely portraying himself as black. Some of King’s detractors refer to him as “Talcum X”.

“I have been told for most of my life that the white man on my birth certificate is not my biological father and that my actual biological father is a light-skinned black man. My mother and I have discussed her affair. She was a young woman in a bad relationship and I have no judgment,” he wrote in 2015 amid reports that he misrepresented his race.

In July of 2019, a white man who was falsely accused by King in the murder of a 7-year-old black girl killed himself.

King had circulated a photo of the man to his 1.1 million Twitter followers. The man’s family received death threats as a result of King’s false accusation.

Two black men, Eric Black and Larry Woodruffe, were charged with capital murder for the Dec. 30, 2018, shooting death of the 7-year-old.

The Daily Beast noted in a May 25 report:

In 2019, a broad coalition of activists from organizations, including Black Lives Matter, Socialist Party USA, Ferguson Response Network, and Veterans of Foreign Wars, signed a post tagged #SitDownShaun stating that “in the past 4 years, King has launched several efforts, all of which failed or faded away without explanation… Each of these efforts had substantial monetary investment from both community and donors with questions that remain unanswered to this day.”

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