Team Biden wants to send another $25 billion in aid to Ukraine

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News August 10, 2023

Despite polling which shows more than half of Americans oppose any further aid to Ukraine, Team Biden will seek to send another aid package request north of $25 billion, which would include $13 billion in military assistance and $12 billion for disaster relief.

Joe Biden with Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky / Ukrainian President’s Office

A CNN poll last week found that 55 percent of American voters believe that Congress should not send more aid to Ukraine, while 45 approve of more funding. Fifty-one percent believe that America has done enough to help Ukraine, while 48 percent say it should do more.

Independent media and some Republicans in Congress have long called for a full accounting of the previous $113 billion in aid Team Biden has given Ukraine.

Last month, Senate Democrats blocked the creation of a new office to audit U.S. military aid to Ukraine as part of a provision in the annual defense spending bill.

Joe Biden’s handlers have routinely sent him out to declare that the U.S. piggy bank to Ukraine will remain open for “as long as it takes.”

War hawks in the Senate, led by New York Democrat Chuck Schumer and Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, have already said they support a vote on the new supplemental aid package.

This supplemental aid package would allow for war hawks to go around the defense budget caps as stipulated by the debt ceiling deal struck between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the Biden administration.

Republicans in the House, however, have become increasingly skeptical about providing more aid in Ukraine’s seemingly endless conflict with Russia.

Seventy House Republicans voted in July to cut off aid to Ukraine.

Heritage Action Acting Executive Director Ryan Walker told Breitbart News: “I think the American people are rightfully questioning how long we are supposed to be committed to this. After just going through a period of 20 years of conflict, ever since September 11. We have essentially been in some sort of global conflict somewhere. And I think people are tired of it.”

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