South Koreans, under pressure from China, die from flu vaccine

by WorldTribune Staff, November 1, 2020

Communist China is continuing to pressure South Koreans to receive a flu vaccine, saying it is “essential” for combating coronavirus, even though 72 people in South Korea have died from the vaccine, a report said.

China, via its propaganda mouthpiece Global Times, on Oct. 28 instructed the South Korean government that it must not halt vaccinations. The South Korean government appears to have complied, Tara O noted in a report for East Asia Research Center.

Flu vaccine

“With so many deaths after receiving the vaccine, the public is getting anxious,” Tara O wrote. “People are questioning whether the vaccine that the South Korean government is providing for free is made in China and whether it is imported in order to test a coronavirus vaccine on South Koreans.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), via its mouthpiece Global Times, said on Oct. 28 that “there is a need to be rational about a flu vaccine that will help fight this year’s novel coronavirus infection … although the concern among the public is increasing due to the deaths following the flu vaccination, the flu vaccine is essential in overcoming the twindemic (flu & COVID-19).”

China’s vaccine “expert” Tao Lina stated” “There is no causal relationship between flu vaccination and death, so the situation in Korea is just a coincidence” and “if the (South Korean) government halts vaccinations, then it is irresponsible.”

The problem with the vaccines was first noticed on Oct. 21, when reports circulated of nine people dying within the same day of, or the day after, getting the flu vaccine.

The same day, former National Assemblywoman Lee Un-Ju called on the government of leftist President Moon Jae-In to “stop vaccinations immediately and start investigating the cause of death. It is common sense to resume vaccinations when safety is guaranteed.”

Jeong Eun-Kyeon, commissioner of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA), stated that flu vaccinations would continue, citing the KDCA’s own internal investigation on Oct. 21 that determined there was no problem with the vaccine.

“It is abnormal for a public health agency to derive such a conclusion so quickly – within one day,” Tara O noted.

The number of people who died after receiving the flu vaccination increased to 18 by Oct. 22, and 31 by Oct. 23.

A 17-year-old high school student died less than 48 hours after getting the flu vaccine.

“The government conducted an autopsy and quickly concluded that there was no link to the vaccine and that it must have been a suicide, citing the presence of nitrite, which is a food preservative often found in sausage, ham, and bacon,” Tara O noted. “The police then began investigating whether the high school student took nitrite to commit suicide, and took his iPad and iPhone, as well as all the sugar and salt in the house.”

The teen’s family said he died after getting the flu vaccine, and there was no reason for him to commit suicide, Tara O’s report noted.

“The student had been studying and was accepted to the prestigious Korea University. The teen’s older brother said his younger brother had no energy and no appetite to even eat dinner the day after the vaccination. The following morning, the 17-year-old died. The family not only has to deal with the sorrow of the teen’s death, but also the government trying to conclude that it was not the vaccine, by pursuing the suicide fabrication,” Tara O wrote.

The older brother posted a petition on the Blue House website on Oct. 27 with the title “Please help exonerate my younger brother from unfair framing of the cause of his death.”

The Korean Medical Association (KMA), a group of medical doctors has called for flu vaccinations to be temporarily halted, but KDCA took the position that there is no problem with the vaccine itself.

“The Moon administration is ignoring KMA’s advice, as it did during the coronavirus outbreak earlier this year, when KMA implored the government to ban entry from China since late January, especially when about 30,000 visitors entered South Korea from China everyday,” Tara O noted. “Instead, South Korea provided China at least 6 million masks and $5 million in cash, and President Moon said ‘China’s suffering is our suffering’ and excoriated South Koreans to share the suffering with China and not spare any expense in providing assistance to China.”

As of Oct. 25, Singapore stopped using two types of flu vaccines that are being used in South Korea, citing the deaths in South Korea.

By Oct. 24, there were 48 deaths in South Korea of people who had received the flu vaccine. By Oct. 25, it was 59. As of Oct. 29, that number was 72.

Tara O noted: “It seems the ‘rational’ action is the Singaporean government’s swift action – stopping the vaccinations, at least until they discover the cause of the deaths. It is unclear how the flu vaccine helps against coronavirus infection, as asserted by China, unless the vaccine is for COVID-19, or how China was able to assess so quickly that there is no causal relationship between the vaccination and deaths in South Korea. Moreover, South Korean citizens are asking why China is dictating to South Korea, in this case its internal matter of public vaccinations, especially when South Korea’s death toll is so high and it increases daily.”

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