Season’s greetings from Kim: ‘Uproot non-socialist practices’, be vigilant against ‘cultural poisoning’

by WorldTribune Staff, December 24, 2017

As an unknown number of North Koreans secretly celebrate Christmas, Kim Jong-Un is calling on Workers’ Party faithful to root out “non-socialist” elements in society, according to a report by North Korean state media.

Kim Jong-Un addresses the Conference of Cell Chairpersons on Dec. 23. / KCNA

In an address to the Conference of Cell Chairpersons of the ruling Workers’ Party on Dec. 23, Kim said an “offensive should be launched in the party cells, the bases educating the party members and other working people and training them into revolutionaries and the lowest revolutionary posts defending Korean-style socialism,” KCNA said in its English edition.

The cell chairpersons lead the Workers’ Party’s lowest-level units, consisting of five to 30 members.

Addressing the conference, Kim said: “When our socialist culture and art prevails over the corrupt bourgeois reactionary culture, it is possible for people not to harbor illusions about the enemies’ culture but to prevent ideological and cultural poisoning by the imperialists.”

In his closing address later in the day, Kim underscored the role of party cells in building a powerful socialist society.

“Even though we may face manifold difficulties and hardships in the ways ahead, the Party Central Committee feels reassured as there are hundreds of thousands of cell chairpersons, core members loyal to the party and vanguard fighters for carrying out the party policies, and millions of party members.

“What we have done is just the beginning and the Party Central Committee plans to conduct more new projects for the people.”

Kim pledged that the party will carry out operations “in a big and bold way for building a socialist power with trust put in party cell chairpersons.”

The United Nations Security Council on Dec. 22 unanimously passed toughened sanctions against North Korea after condemning its latest test of an intercontinental ballistic missile on Nov. 29.

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