Rogues states’ celebrate America’s crisis with words, action

by WorldTribune Staff, June 2, 2020

Via their well-funded state media, authoritarian regimes are cheering on the rioters in the United States in the hopes that the world’s top superpower will crumble.

Propaganda outlets in Russia, China, Iran and even Turkey are touting the riots as the “collapse” of America, reports say.

‘Beneath human rights,’ says the title of the cartoon, which was published by People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s flagship propaganda outlet, and circulated widely on social media sites. / Twitter

“The U.S. became the world’s most powerful country, a global hegemonic superpower, after the Soviet Union and its client states fell apart in 1989. However, Russia, China, Iran and increasingly Turkey have all awaited the period when the world would become multi-polar again. They have sought to work more closely together, and they have sat frequently at global forums that the U.S. does not attend,” Seth J. Frantzman noted in a June 2 analysis for The Jerusalem Post.

“The policies of these countries are to slowly undermine the U.S. and wait for moments of U.S. weakness to push their agendas.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the U.S. was now having to deal with its police misconduct and said the U.S. compared unfavorably with Russia. “Thank God things that happen in America do not happen in [Russia],” he said, according to Russia’s TASS media.

Aleksey Pushkov, a senator in Russia’s parliament, said that U.S. withdrawals from Afghanistan and Syria, Turkey ordering the U.S. to leave and attacking U.S. Kurdish allies, were examples of American decline. He also tweeted that the U.S. is crumbling due to COVID-19 and the inability of the U.S. to help Europe or its allies at the peak of the pandemic. He added that America has been on a “hysterical” tirade against China and now faces an internal schism and racial rebellion.

Chinese officials and propaganda outlets are reveling in the riots and repeating protest slogans such as “Black lives matter” and “I can’t breathe.” Propaganda outlets also feature articles about the “double standards” of the United States for supporting the Hong Kong demonstrators.

“This situation in the U.S. will make more Chinese people support the Chinese government in its efforts to denounce and counter America,” Song Guoyou, a scholar at Fudan University in Shanghai, told The New York Times. “The moral ground of the United States is indeed greatly weakened.”

“The chronic racial wound in the United States is now smarting again,” said a recent report by the Xinhua propaganda outlet.

The leadership in Turkey and Iran “view their goal as undermining the U.S. through a more religious lens linked with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Muslim Brotherhood that influences Tehran and Ankara respectively,” Frantzman noted.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sought to capitalize on the riots in the U.S., claiming that America is part of an “unjust order” in the world.

Iran’s leaders made similar comments about the declining U.S. “order.”

“This is a reference to the concept of the ‘axis of resistance’ in Iran, and the defeat of U.S. ‘arrogance.’ Ever since the Islamic Revolution in Iran of 1979, there had been a call for a third way between the U.S. and Soviet Union in the 1980s that would bring about the defeat of Western systems and the rise of political Islam rooted in Teheran and then in Ankara,” Frantzman wrote.

Frantzman added:

The goal of Turkey, Iran, China and Russia during the current US crises is to use it to their advantage to press gains. Turkey has been flooding Libya with weapons and Syrian mercenaries during the crisis. China has pushed up against India in a border dispute. Iran is flexing its muscles at home and sending tankers to Venezuela. Russia has sent warplanes to Libya and Syria.

The big four – China, Russia, Turkey and Iran – are poised to exploit and emerge stronger. Where once George Bush Sr. spoke of a new world order, now these countries want to bury that U.S. world order amid the chaos.

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