Rocky Mountain Revolution: Media, corporate boards, Soros agents transform Colorado

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Corporate WATCH

By Joe Schaeffer

The beautiful state of Colorado provides another sad example of a familiar modern globalist playbook in action. Veteran leftist activists, Soros stooges, prominent local media figures and global capitalists are all working happily together to inundate this scenic Rocky Mountain landscape with massive Third World immigration.

Once again, the collaboration is so seamless it is impossible not to conclude that a well-organized network is in operation.

Gloria Schoch is a former executive at Molson Coors Brewing who just took a new position at the VF Foundation, the philanthropic arm of VF Corporation. VF is a large apparel and shoe conglomerate that owns popular brands such as Dickies, The North Face, Timberland and Vans.

Protesters raised the Mexican flag and an upside-down American flag reading ‘abolish ICE’ at the Aurora, Colorado ICE facility on Friday, July 12, 2019.

VF openly states in the announcement of her hiring that Schoch is “the board chair of The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado.”

According to its mission statement, the “VF Foundation supports non-profit organizations in driving movements for the betterment of people and the planet, including movements that define Worthy Work, embrace the fact that Outside Matters, and empower diversity, equity and inclusion as we are Free to Be.”

The bland corporate-speak of “diversity, equity and inclusion” of course too often includes promoting illegal immigration. Which is just what Schoch’s Latino Community Foundation of Colorado does. As its website prominently boasts, LCF Colorado is a member of the Colorado Immigrants Funders Collaborative, which aggressively supports illegals in the Centennial State:

“Since its inception the Colorado Funders Collaborative (CIFC) has invested over $950,000 to local nonprofit organizations that provide community education, outreach and legal services for some of Colorado’s most vulnerable immigrant populations. Grantees assist dreamers on their paths to college, recently released detainees, Latinas experiencing domestic violence, and thousands of immigrants working on DACA paperwork, and others.”

In case its objectives weren’t clear enough from that above paragraph, LCF Colorado on Oct. 23 sponsored “An Evening With Charles Kamasaki.” Who is Charles Kamasaki?

“Charles Kamasaki represented the National Council of [L]a Raza on Capitol Hill when Congress debated and passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, enabling three million people to adjust their immigration status and lawfully remain in the U.S.,” a promo for the event read.

“Join us for a conversation with Charles about his groundbreaking new book on the history and politics of immigration reform as we consider lessons and prospects for more rational and humane immigration laws in the future.”

Corporate sponsors of LCF of Colorado’s efforts to amnesty millions more illegal aliens include AT&T and MillerCoors as “ongoing major supporters.” The group’s 2017 annual report records Comcast, Southwest Airlines, US Bank and Wells Fargo as donors.

The organization also has avid backers in local media. Its 2018 annual report lists “9News: Kristen Aguirre, Anchor and Sonya Gutierrez, Reporter” as “community partners.” 9News is the NBC affiliate in Denver.

They are not the only media and influential community partners. Elaine Torres of CBS Denver is on the Board of Directors for LCF Colorado. Other board members include Hollie Velasquez Horvath of corporate behemoth Xcel Energy, Dr. Eric Ishiwata of Colorado State University and Dr. Debora Ortega of the University of Denver.

For Professor Ortega, supporting massive immigration is but one way to destroy the old America that she condemns as an oppressor. Ortega considers “racism, white supremacy, neoliberalism and colonization” to be “the greatest challenge of all” in the fight to tackle “systemic racism.” She wrote a paper for a conference titled “Maintaining Domination: Whitesplaining Social Problems and Solutions” that spells out her true ambitions.

Joining Ortega in her revolutionary fight is Gary Poling, board treasurer for LCF Colorado. He is also the president of True North Capital Group, a financial planning company that operates under the Raymond James Financial Services umbrella. Raymond James does not hesitate to include his LCF Colorado ties on his official bio on its corporate website. Respected financial planners and radical professors are working together to create the New America. But wait, there’s more.

Midy Aponte of Spitfire Stategies is the board secretary for LCF Colorado. Spitfire Strategies is a leftist Democratic political consulting firm whose clients have included Greenpeace, progressive billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, Progressive States Network and the Sierra Club, according to the website Influence Watch.

Aponte’s Spitfire bio spells out just why she would be a part of LCF Colorado:

Midy is a senior vice president based in Denver. Her portfolio at Spitfire centers on a wide range of public interest issues, including income inequality, environmental protection, healthy equity/social determinants of health, racial justice, internet freedom and governance, and immigration and refugee resettlement.

A quote from a Spitfire profile on her details her devotion to open borders for America:

“We know that immigrants are human beings who deserve the same rights and privileges as all human beings on earth,” Midy says. “So the conversation doesn’t need to be about immigrants. It needs to be about the kind of place we want to be. We want Denver to be a welcoming and safe place for all to live.”

To cement LCF Colorado’s ties with radical organizations, look no further than its president and CEO Carlos Martinez. Martinez is also a board member of a group called Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees. The name says all you need to know. Here is a quick example of the inflammatory rhetoric GCIR resorts to in promoting its open-borders agenda:

Joining Martinez on the board of this organization is Evan Bacalao, Program Officer, Special Initiatives & Partnerships at George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

Corporate backers and complicit media figures are conspiring with veteran leftist activists and Soros agents to permanently change the demographics of Colorado as part of their plan to fundamentally transform this nation. Detailing the workings of organizations such as The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado is important if for no other reason than it shows that the radical makeover of this country is far from the natural process immigration supporters so often claim it to be. It is the very deliberate work of specific well-organized individuals who hate this nation.

The ease with which major corporations fit into this toxic dynamic is especially disturbing.