Report: Tracking dogs strangled during police chase of illegal aliens in Texas

by WorldTribune Staff, September 4, 2018

Two tracking dogs who were assisting a Texas sheriff’s department were killed by an illegal alien during a police chase, authorities in Aransas County said.

The dogs were helping deputies who were chasing more than a dozen suspects who jumped out of a truck and ran during a traffic stop on Sept. 1, the Aransas County Sheriff’s Department reported.

Black and tan coonhound tracking dog.

The dogs were let off their leashes to track the suspects while officers followed on foot and horseback.

Five illegal aliens from Central American countries were found and taken into custody.

A sixth illegal alien was caught in the brush and was told by officers to come out after the two dogs found him. He refused and told the officers in Spanish, “If you want me, come and get me.”

Officers moved in and found both dogs – eight-year-old Grunt and three-year-old Nell – laying on the ground, dead. Law enforcement said the man who killed them used their tracking collars to cut off their breathing.

“Refugio County offered a canine unit to assist; they brought tracking dogs that were non aggressive, non-bite trained. We have used canines like these to ensure safety of individuals in events like this. We have other well-trained canine units that can defend themselves, but we consciously avoid deploying them off leash in environments like this,” the sheriff’s department said.

The two tracking dogs were from a kennel belonging to Joe Braman in Refugio County. The dogs have in the past “been instrumental in locating individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s that wandered away from their homes,” the sheriff’s department said.

The dogs were a mix of black and tan coonhound, bluetick coonhound, and redtick coonhound, according to a local newspaper report. “The’re not real aggressive dogs — they’ll just hold someone at bay until you get there,” Braman, a deputy for the Refugio County Sheriff’s Department, said. “I just wasn’t able to get there quick enough.”

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