Levin to Democrat media: Remember Johnny Chung, ‘Chinese military money’?

by WorldTribune Staff, January 17, 2020

When China’s military “secretly directed” funds to boost the re-election efforts of President Bill Clinton, Democrats didn’t object and most of the media “didn’t care,” radio and TV host Mark Levin said.

In a Jan. 16 appearance on Fox News’s “Hannity”, Levin blasted Democrats, the corporate media and anti-Republican forces within the federal bureaucracy for hounding President Donald Trump while ignoring much stronger allegations of malfeasance against Democrats, particularly the Clintons.

Johnny Chung, left, was convicted in 1999 in the ‘Chinagate’ scandal of funneling illegal cash to Bill Clinton’s 1996 campaign.

Levin told host Sean Hannity that foreign interference in U.S. elections is the last thing Democrats have been concerned about over the years.

Levin cited the 1996 Democratic campaign finance controversy involving Chinese-American businessmen, some of whom were shown to have made repeated visits to the Clinton White House (campaign contributions can only legally be made by U.S. citizens and some other permanent residents.)

Levin noted that Bill Clinton was impeached, but not for anything related to the China campaign finance scandal.

“The media didn’t care about the scandal that broke — the [Los Angeles] Times and a few others did,” Levin said, quoting a contemporary article in that paper which reported that former Democratic fundraiser Johnny Chung told federal investigators that China’s military intelligence chief “secretly directed funds from Beijing to help re-elect President Clinton.”

Chung, Levin said, was able to gain “repeated access” to the Clinton White House.

“This is Chinese military money,” Levin said. The Times reported Chung met with Chinese Gen. Ji Shengde, who had $300,000 deposited into Chung’s account in order to subsidize Clinton campaign donations. Chung’s White House access afforded him the ability to have guests be entertained in the company of the president and then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, Levin said.

“That would’ve been Trump’s opponent, you might remember, from 2016.”

Levin also pointed to the fact that Clinton’s legal defense fund returned $600,000 in donations from Charlie Trie, a former Little Rock restaurateur and friend of President Clinton, because of “significant concerns” about the source of the money.

“[Trie] visited the White House 22 times,” Levin said. “There is your Democrat Party!”

As the China-Clinton campaign finance scandal unfolded, Levin noted, then-Rep. Nancy Pelosi raised no concerns. Yet the current House speaker continuously beats the foreign interference drum in the impeachment against Trump.

“What did Nancy Pelosi say when the Red Chinese military was spreading millions of dollars around to the Clinton campaign, to the DNC, and all the rest? — She didn’t say a damn thing,” Levin said.

There was no call from Democrats for a special counsel and the media did not express major interest in foreign interference in Clinton’s re-election campaign.

Levin also pointed to allegations from the 1980s that then-Sen. Edward Kennedy may have been in contact with the Soviet KGB in order to try to stop the re-election of then-President Ronald Reagan.

Levin noted that Kennedy was lionized by the Democratic Party and was considered a perennial presidential candidate.

“There is your Democratic Party,” Levin said.

Levin also warned five moderate Republican senators against voting to call additional witnesses in the Senate trial.

He said that Sens. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine and Cory Gardner of Colorado must “uphold the Constitution” and not side with Democratic attempts to unseat Trump, characterizing them as “weak links in the chain.”

“What the House of Representatives has done here is destroy the Constitution,” he said, urging the five to vote to dismiss the articles of impeachment. “It’s your job to fix it, it’s your job to stop them, not [to] aid and abet by calling witnesses that the Democrats want. No. No witnesses.”

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