President’s poll numbers surged during Democrat National Convention

by WorldTribune Staff, August 21, 2020

Presidential candidates usually see a bump in their poll ratings following a national convention. Usually, however, it’s their own national convention.

President Donald Trump hit 51 percent approval in the latest Rasmussen tracking poll.

This week, President Donald Trump saw his approval rating in the Rasmussen Reports daily average go from 47 percent when the Democratic National Convention started, to 51 percent by the time Joe Biden was crowned the Democrat candidate on Thursday.

On the Rasmussen Twitter page, one poster noted how rare it is to see the other party’s candidate ratings surge during convention week.

Rasmussen Reports responded, “Fact Check: True.”

Trump’s poll numbers “rose as the president was taking hits at the virtual convention from former President Barack Obama, 2016 foe Hillary Rodham Clinton, and a host of other prominent Democrats,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted. “But it also came as he hit the campaign trail in advance of next week’s GOP convention to slam the Biden-Harris ticket and talk up his successes, including the new peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.”

Radio host Rush Limbaugh noted of Trump’s poll numbers that “Biden cannot stay hidden in the basement when Trump, in Rasmussen, crosses 50 percent. In the other polls, the numbers are 45 percent. If Trump goes 45 percent or better, then it’s bad for Biden — and in this one it’s 51 percent, ’cause they don’t believe Rasmussen.”

Limbaugh also pointed out that the major media networks were “not going wall-to-wall” with their DNC coverage. “And you know what a lot of networks were doing? They were making you go to their streaming sites if you wanted to watch wall-to-wall Democrat convention. They were not televising it.”

The reason, Limbaugh said, is “funny as hell. They’re scared to death that if they spent the amount of time on the Democrat convention that they actually wanted to spend, that they would then be obligated to give Trump the same amount of time next week, and they don’t want to. They don’t want to give Trump any time next week.”

Limbaugh added: “Normally, they would want to just spend as much time as possible, and they would want personal interest stories left and right. They would want to use this week to make Biden and everybody in the Democrat Party look like angelic gods, and it hasn’t happened. It’s gone the exact opposite way. And so now they’re having to talk about limiting the amount of TV time they give the Democrats because they can’t give any more time to Trump because they know it’d be disastrous for them.

“Trump is gonna outperform. They know this. They’re very, very concerned about it, folks.”

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