Minnesota Democrat sees ‘hope’ in GOP convention’s message

by WorldTribune Staff, August 27, 2020

A Minnesota Democrat, terrified by the violence that has gripped her state, called in to C-SPAN during Wednesday’s Republican National Convention to say that she saw “hope” in what was being conveyed at the RNC, a marked difference from what she saw at last week’s Democrat convention.

The caller to C-SPAN said she got a sense of ‘hope’ from the GOP convention where there was none at last week’s Democrat event. / YouTube

“This convention just in the last two nights has awakened me that there is hope,” the caller said. “There are people that are willing to fight for us.”

There was “not a mention” about the riots at the Democratic convention, the Democrat caller said. Nothing about “rebuilding our businesses.”

The C-SPAN host asked her if she was frightened, to which she replied, “Absolutely!”

The caller also referenced a Minnesota Democrat politician, John Thompson, who reportedly went to a Hugo suburb with a Black Lives Matter crowd and threatened the neighborhood because a police official lived there.

RedState’s Nick Arama noted: “The woman who called into C-SPAN not only sees Democrats not speaking up but actually being involved with this kind of behavior. Meanwhile the Republican convention addressed the question and said the madness should be stopped and they would work to stop it. They also talked about bringing businesses back and building the economy as well. This woman is a Democrat but it’s pretty clear that she wouldn’t be voting for a Democrat come this November.”

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