Michigan witness: Military votes, which looked like ‘Xerox copies,’ went 100 percent to Biden

by WorldTribune Staff, December 1, 2020

A witness who testified at the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee hearing in Lansing on Tuesday described what she said were military ballots which looked like “Xerox copies” of each other which went 100 percent for Joe Biden.

“Not one of the military ballots was a registered voter and the ballots looked like they were all exactly the same Xerox copies of the ballot – they were all for Biden across the board, there wasn’t a single Trump vote and none of the voters were registered,” the witness said.

The witness also described how elections officials overrode the voting system to enter non-registered voters – all for Biden.

“They had to manually enter the names, addresses, enter birthdate of 1/1/2020 which would override the system and allow them to enter non-registered voters of which I saw several that day, throughout the day, that’s how they would override voters that were neither in the electronic poll book or in the supplemental updated poll book.”

Also in Michigan, on Election Day and the day after, a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems who performed IT work at the TCF Center in Detroit said she witnessed election workers re-scanning batches of mail-in-ballots without disregarding them first, resulting in the ballots being counted 4 to 5 times in some instances.

Workers were handed a batch of around 50 mail-in ballots at a time that they would run through tabulators, which would often get jammed, Melissa Carone said in a sworn affidavit.

When Carone brought up these concerns to a Dominion manager, he told her: “Melissa, I don’t want to hear it. We are here to assist with IT, we are not here to run their election.”

Carone said Dominion machines “absolutely” had the had the capacity to switch votes. In her affidavit, she mentioned Dominion employees talking to each other about a data loss and that they “all got on their phones and stepped to the side of the stage.”

“I don’t believe that was actually a data loss,” she said. “That was what my boss told me. I believe that was when Dominion found out Trump was ahead by over 130,000 votes.”

Carone’s affidavit was submitted as a supplement to a lawsuit in Michigan. The suit was brought in early November by the Great Lakes Justice Center on behalf of Cheryl Costantino and Edward McCall. Plaintiffs allege that because of multiple irregularities, the election in Wayne County should be voided.


The judge who ordered Georgia officials on Nov. 29 not to wipe or reset voting machines has scheduled the next hearing in the case for Dec. 4.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten Sr. issued three emergency orders on Nov. 29, initially ordering officials to hold off on taking action regarding the machines before reversing his order and then re-establishing the first order.

The plaintiffs, who are represented by attorney Sidney Powell, successfully convinced Batten on Nov. 29 to bar officials in three counties from wiping or resetting Dominion Voting Systems machines.

Plaintiffs are seeking to have outside experts perform forensic inspections of the voting machines.

The judge ruled that defendants are “enjoined and restrained from altering, destroying, or erasing, or allowing the alteration, destruction, or erasure of, any software or data on any Dominion voting machine in Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee counties.”

Defendants were ordered to file their brief by Dec. 2 while any reply brief will be due Dec. 3.


In a lawsuit filed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday, the Trump campaign cites evidence of illegally altering absentee ballot envelopes, counting ballots that had no required application, overlooking unlawful claims of indefinite confinement, and holding illegal voting events called Democracy in the Park.

These actions affected approximately 221,000 ballots, the lawsuit states.

According to the lawsuit, the Wisconsin Elections Commission directed municipal clerks to illegally alter incomplete absentee ballot envelopes. Clerks were instructed that they could rely on their own “personal knowledge,” or unspecified “lists or databases at his or her disposal” to add in missing information on returned absentee ballots. Under Wisconsin law, incomplete absentee ballots must be corrected by the voter, and only the voter or they may not be counted.

The suit also says that municipal clerks issued absentee ballots to voters without requiring the mandatory application, in direct conflict with Wisconsin’s absentee voting safeguards. Wisconsin law expressly requires that absentee ballots may not be issued without receiving a written application requesting the ballot. Despite clear statute, clerks in Madison and Milwaukee issued thousands of absentee ballots without collecting a written application during the two-week in-person absentee voting period that ran from Oct. 20 to Nov. 1.

The lawsuit also said that, in Madison and Milwaukee, voters were permitted by election officials to circumvent voter ID laws and claim an absentee voting status that is only to be used for voters who are indefinitely confined under the circumstances that they are physically ill, infirm, elderly, or disabled. More than 20,000 voters claimed that status and received and returned ballots without providing proper identification and without meeting the requirements for that status, and those ballots should not be counted in accordance with Wisconsin statute.

The suit also says that the City of Madison created unlawful polling locations at over 200 parks and city locations through their Democracy in the Park voting events. These voting events were held outside of the county’s approved polling locations and did not follow the state’s strict absentee voting requirements. Not only did they not follow the law, but Joe Biden’s campaign encouraged this unlawful voting, advertising these events as opportunities to vote and telling voters to bring their completed ballot to turn in or their incomplete ballot to have a so-called “poll worker” serve as a witness. Voters are not allowed to turn in their absentee ballots anywhere other than the designated polling locations, and any ballots illegally cast there should not be counted.

“The people of Wisconsin deserve election processes with uniform enforcement of the law, plain and simple. During the recount in Dane and Milwaukee counties, we know with absolute certainty illegal ballots have unduly influenced the state’s election results. Wisconsin cannot allow the over three million legal ballots to be eroded by even a single illegal ballot,” said Jim Troupis, counsel to the campaign. “We will continue fighting on behalf of the American people to defend their right to a free and fair election by helping to restore integrity and transparency in our elections.”

“As we have said from the very beginning of this process, we want all legal votes and only legal votes to be counted,” said Rudy Giuliani. “Americans must be able to trust in our election results, and we will not stop until we can ensure voters once again have faith in our electoral process.”


A group of Republican lawmakers on Nov. 30 introduced a resolution to dispute the results of the 2020 election in the state, The Epoch Times reported.

“Officials in the Executive and Judicial Branches of the Commonwealth infringed upon the General Assembly’s authority under the Constitution of the United States by unlawfully changing the rules governing the November 3, 2020, election in the Commonwealth,” the resolution states.

The resolution calls on the secretary of the Commonwealth to withdraw the “premature certification” of the presidential election and delay certifying other races. It declares the 2020 election to be in dispute, and urges the U.S. Congress “to declare the selection of presidential electors in this Commonwealth to be in dispute.”

The resolution lists three steps taken by the judicial and executive branches to change the rules of the election.

First, on Sept. 17, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court “unlawfully and unilaterally” extended the deadline by which mail ballots could be received, mandated that ballots without a postmark would be treated as timely, and allowed for ballots without a verified voter signature to be accepted, the resolution says.

Second, on Oct. 23, upon a petition from the secretary of the commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that signatures on mail-in ballots need not be authenticated.

And third, on Nov. 2, the secretary of the commonwealth “encouraged certain counties to notify party and candidate representatives of mail-in voters whose ballots contained defects,” the resolution states.

All of the changes are contrary to the Pennsylvania Election Code, which requires mail-in ballots to be received at 8 p.m. on Election Day, mandates that signatures on the mail-in ballots be authenticated, and forbids the counting of defective mail-in ballots.

Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania postal truck driver is set to allege that there were an estimated 144,000 to 288,000 completed ballots shipped across three state lines in October, according to new revelations from the Amistad Project.

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