Mexico’s president-elect wants ‘new relationship’ with Trump

by WorldTribune Staff, July 23, 2018

Mexico’s president-elect, who had vowed during his campaign to “put Trump in his place,” is now seeking a “new relationship” with the American president.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s president-elect, will take office in December. / AP

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, in a letter to President Donald Trump, wrote: “It encourages me that we both know how to keep our pledges, and we have faced adversity successfully, we’ve managed to put our voters and citizens at the center, displace the establishment or the predominant regime.”

Lopez Obrador, said the letter was sent to Trump through the delegation of senior U.S. officials that visited him in Mexico City on July 13, according to a report by AFP.

While noting that he is awaiting Trump’s response, Lopez Obrador published the letter “so that all Mexicans know our position on the new relationship we want” with the United States.

Lopez Obrador said Mexico wants a relationship of “respect, friendship and focused on development cooperation,” and said that the more developed Mexico is, the fewer people will have to leave the country in search of work, the AFP report said.

Trump and Lopez Obrador said they had a positive phone call the day after Mexico’s presidential election.

Lopez Obrador, who won the July 1 election with 53 percent of the vote and will take office in December, said he has invited Trump to his inauguration.

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