Mathematician: 1 million people in Pennsylvania had their votes stolen

by WorldTribune Staff, December 28, 2020

On election night, President Donald Trump was ahead of Joe Biden by over 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania. Then, hundreds of thousands of ballots started to show up for Joe Biden and within a few days after the election he had somehow taken the lead.

A mathematician said that his analysis of official data from Pennsylvania counties showed some “1 million Americans had their vote stolen from them.”

Bobby Piton testifies during a hearing on election fraud in Arizona on Nov. 30.

Bobby Piton reported on Twitter that he examined over 9 million records in Pennsylvania and identified 521,879 unique last names in the state.

Of those, Piton said 245,033 or just under 47 percent of the total “only belong to 1 and only 1 person!”

In other words, these people have “no parents, siblings, aunts, uncles or cousins that share this particular last name,” Piton noted.

Piton noted: “Upon looking at the TOP 1000 Last Names in PA, I have discovered that PA has 695,430 Fewer People in the top 1000 Last Names. Literally, there are 14,776 fewer Smiths, than should be there. 19,591 Williams have gone missing, 30,830 Johnson’s are nowhere to be found. 11,656 Jacksons went MIA. What in the world is going on in PA. Exactly 500 of the top 1000 names in PA have a deficit in the number of people that should be there.”

Piton continued: “The tally for these 500 Negative Names (below Nationwide Estimate) is 958,044. This is astounding. 695,000 to 958,000 just got up and vanished out of PA.

“I am a loss for words that I am looking at such INSANE Outright Fraud. That almost 1 million Americans had their Vote STOLEN from them! Arrests need to be made for this crime against the Great State of Pennsylvania.”

Piton said his research in Georgia also showed massive fraud.

Piton noted in another tweet: “Based on my findings a sophisticated State Actor was able to optimize a desired outcome for both the State of Georgia and the State of Pennsylvania.”

Piton said someone with personal contact with Trump reached out to him on Saturday and he sent over 50 pages of his findings from the last month.

Piton was a witness at the Nov. 30 voter fraud hearing before the Arizona state legislature.

After analyzing Arizona’s official government data, Piton said there were between 120,000 and 306,000 fake people who voted in the 2020 election in Arizona.

The “biggest fraud in the history of our constitutional republic is taking place right before our eyes,” Piton said at the hearing. “I would have never ever have certified, I would rather resign than have certified those results.”

“I believe [the numbers] are fraudulent based on the data… I’d be willing to put my life on it, I’m that sure about the analysis.” Piton said.

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