Lighten up, get a life, enjoy the 45th president

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By Susan Smith, Fairfax Free Citizen

Donald J. Trump, our recently elected 45th President, possesses what is commonly known as a larger than life personality.

He has an accompanyingly-sized sense of humor, with sparks of outrageousness in it, and he does, as we say, shoot from the hip on occasion.

‘I personally think that President Trump is hilarious, and I thoroughly enjoy his tweets.’

Put this all together with the brilliance of the man, the staggering self-confidence he possesses, the great love of country he consistently demonstrates, and the common sense he practices, and in President Donald J. Trump you have quite a combination.

With this man as our leader, we could be doing so much, so many wonderful things for our country and its people, and we could be having so much fun doing it. And though our current President is in fact doing those wonderful things for our country and its people, we would be hard put to say that anyone is having any fun doing it.

Those preventing us from having fun in this once in a lifetime opportunity to save our country from the near fatal decline it entered into when the Left took charge, are not fun.

The Democrats, the media, and the Trump-haters in the establishment (all the same, actually) are all negative, and they are all scolds. They either purposely don’t recognize it when the President is clearly kidding, (e.g., Mr. Trump’s joke about the Russians finding Hillary’s missing emails, or how candidate Trump indicated that he preferred people who weren’t captured in time of war), or they have no sense of humor and can’t recognize it in another person no matter who he or she is.

Either option is equally reprehensible, and depressing.

I personally think that President Trump is hilarious, and I thoroughly enjoy his tweets and the other heretofore unorthodox forms of communications in which he currently specializes and uses with alacrity. I particularly also like his nicknames for people, as not only are they funny, but they fit like a glove: Crooked Hillary? Low Energy Jeb? Little Marco? Psycho Joe? Low-IQ Mika? From Fake News to Very Fake News? The man is a veritable Rodney Dangerfield, and right on the money every time.

He is also devoted to and beloved by his beautiful, multi-generational, family, which would be so much fun to observe, and live along with. We are not allowed to do this, however, as the press will disallow anything to be known that reflects well on President Trump, and so will withhold everything wonderful about his family and their connection with him.

They will simultaneously release information to the public vis-a-vis each individual member of the President’s family only in the form of ridicule, criticism, or outright nasty lies. Baron (who at the time was 10 years old) being made fun of for being autistic? Melania lying about her love of her adopted country in her first speech; also, she doesn’t really speak other languages, she’s lying about that, too? Ivanka’s appointment to the White House staff has nothing to do with her proven success as a businesswoman and is only due to nepotism? Jared is complicit in everything horrible along with his father-in-law, in ways too numerous to mention? Donald, Jr., should be imprisoned for treason? Lara and Eric shouldn’t be populating the world with any more Trumps?

And that’s just a fraction of what the press has said about President Trump’s wonderful and long-suffering family.

Donald J. Trump has also had, and continues to have, an extraordinary life, and has been an outrageous success in just about every aspect of it. Wouldn’t you think that people, for whom Mr. Trump’s life is an open book as opposed to the murky history of the President’s predecessor, would appreciate learning about and enjoying his life rather than having all the good bits ignored by the press, with any and all emphasis placed on whatever may have been untoward at some point in time during his remarkable life?

How did he go from a moderately wealthy millionaire to become a hugely successful real estate developer in New York, then on to become an equally successful international TV star? Who does that? How did he go from one gorgeous wife to the next several times in a row while each of his ex-wives remained, and remains to this day, loyal? That one in particular drives the left, in their false morality, insane — they want dirt, and they want it now and they want it vicious, all the while as they praise the exemplary one spouse per lifetime marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton (I am not making that up).

No matter how often, and how viciously the media attack Trump voters, it still cannot comprehend how anyone could like him, much less actually cast a vote for him, despite their witnessing countless enthusiastic, cheering, crowds of tens of thousands per venue, such events that continue to this day? Who can do that, now, with the answer to this rhetorical question being no one else?

In short, how long can the media, the Democrats, and the Trump-hating establishment deny not only actual facts that are becoming more and more universally acknowledged, but also what they witness before their very eyes?

Sadly, the answer to that is until they have run Trump out of office.

Trump, being the ultimate happy warrior about whom Reagan spoke so eloquently, is determined that that will not happen. Right now he might fill more the warrior part of that equation than the happy, but for sure once the truth can break the Democrat, media, establishment cartel of Trump-hatred, Trump can be not only the great President, but also the happy man we can join along with in enjoying his Presidency.