Law Prof. David Clements weighs in on the decertification of Arizona electors

by WorldTribune Staff, October 4, 2021

[Excerpts from a Telegram post by New Mexico State University Law Professor David Clements:]

AZ Senate President Karen Fann claims there is no constitutional basis to decertify the AZ electors in the face of overwhelming fraud.

David Clements

She is convinced that the way you deal with the biggest crime in history is prospective legislation that holds no one accountable. …

The legislature has sovereign authority over elections, requires no special session, requires no bill, and needs no approval from the governor. …

Senator Fann has also claimed the legislature could not obtain the subpoenaed routers through their sergeant-at-arms. I agree.

But the remedy was never to obtain the routers that way. The legislature had an open case before a judge, with an assigned case number, and the judge declared the subpoena legal and therefore enforceable.

The judge has personal jurisdiction over the parties and subject matter jurisdiction over the case, and can therefore order any appropriate remedy to give effect to its order.

The county sheriff would be the appropriate party to seize the routers.

All that is required is for the Senate to request an emergency hearing and demand compliance. If the Maricopa Board of Supervisors refuses, the judge simply holds them in contempt, levies a fine, jails them, until they comply.

It’s not rocket science.

Paging Wendy Rogers.

Paging Sonny Borelli.

Paging Mark Finchem.

Paging Kelly Townsend.

Perhaps you think you need Karen Fann, and are therefore being diplomatic in your approach. The time for diplomacy is over.

At the moment, you are on the side of truth. The people are on your side because of that. As time lapses with no justice, your support is diminishing. Soon, it will no longer exist. Fann needs you more than you need her.

You are now aware that Karen Fann is not on the side of the truth. Speak the truth. Confront in love. Deliver.

No excuses.

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