Khamenei to Islamic neighbors: By colluding with Israel, you violate Koran

by WorldTribune Staff, April 16, 2019

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on April 15 decried Islamic states which he said “have become servants and followers of America and the Zionists.”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. / Tasnim News Agency / Wikimedia Commons

“Today, many leaders of Arabic countries are of this kind,” Khamenei said, claiming that the leaders “colluded with Israelis and stepped on the blood of Palestinians.”

He added that, unlike some Islamic nations, Iran is putting the Koran at the heart of its decision-making, “no matter how angry this makes them (the enemies).”

Speaking at the closing ceremony of a Koran competition in Teheran, Khamenei said that “certain Islamic nations” are not adhering to Muslim principles and that improving ties with Israel violates the Koran.

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“Unfortunately, the rulers of some Islamic countries do not adhere to Koranic teachings and instead of being ‘harsh against the unbelievers,’ they have become servants and followers of America and the Zionists; and instead of being ‘merciful to one another,’ they pave the way for divisions and wars, like the wars in Yemen and Syria, and the massacre of Muslims,” Khamenei said according to Iranian media.

“Although today the hostilities look more than they were in terms of both volume and intensity, these actions and conspiracies are the last throes of our enemies’ enmity with the Islamic Republic,” said Khamenei.

The ayatollah’s comments come amid rumors of continued cooperation between Israel and Arab countries, including Iran’s regional enemy, Saudi Arabia.

In January, Khamenei met with the leader of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization and predicted that Palestinian Arabs will eventually “establish a government in Tel Aviv.”

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