Israel treated more than 2,600 Syrians wounded in fighting since 2013

by WorldTribune Staff, March 15, 2017

Syria and Israel have been officially at war for decades, but that hasn’t stopped Israel from offering medical services to the wounded of Syria’s ongoing conflict.

Members of the Israeli army medical staff at a Golan Heights military hospital tend to a wounded Syrian man. /AP

Israel’s medical teams have treated more than 2,600 Syrians since 2013, the Israeli army said on March 14.

“The wounded are transferred to the border where they receive first aid from Israeli medical teams before being taken to hospitals,” the army said on its website.

The army did not say whether rebels fighting President Bashar Assad were among those treated.

Assad’s regime regularly accuses Israel of supporting “terrorists” – a label it applies to all its opponents.

The border between Syria and Israel had been largely quiet until the Syrian conflict broke out in 2011.

Israel is said to have carried out a number of airstrikes inside Syria, mostly targeting Lebanese terrorist organization Hizbullah, an ally of the Assad regime.