How to both mock Biden and duck Big Tech censors? ‘Let’s go, Brandon!’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 10, 2021

Pareidolia: People hear what they want to hear.

“Let’s go, Brandon!”

What started as an NBC reporter’s lame attempt to save Joe Biden further embarrassment amid a chorus of “F___ Joe Biden” at a NASCAR race has become a trend that has shown up not only at sporting events, but in airports, Internet memes, and even at former President Donald Trump’s Saturday rally in Iowa.

“Little did NBC NASCAR reporter Kelli Stavast know that she had just launched an instant political sensation last weekend when she said fans were cheering driver Brandon Brown — and not shouting a profane anti-Biden chant,” Washington Times reporter Valerie Richardson noted on Oct. 10.

“Let’s go, Brandon” has “taken sarcastic swings” at Biden and the mainstream media without running afoul of technology censors,” Richardson noted.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz amplified the catchphrase in a Thursday interview with podcaster Benny Johnson. Cruz said it was “one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.”

“The clip is surreal,” Cruz said. “Listening to the NBC reporter say, ‘Look, they’re chanting let’s go Brandon.’ It captures everything about fake news all at once.”

The Daily Wire has started selling “Let’s go Brandon” T-shirts.

After the Republican National Committee noted Friday that Republican governors lead the 10 top job creation states, Trump administration official Richard Grenell tweeted, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

“Saturdays are no longer for the boys. … They’re for Let’s Go Brandon chants,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

On Saturday, #LetsGoBrandon trended on Twitter and a plane was spotted above a scheduled Trump rally in Iowa trailing behind it a “Let’s Go Brandon!” banner.

Biden was even greeted by protesters chanting “Lets Go, Brandon!” on a visit to Michigan on Tuesday.

At a Chicago airport, an airline worker was tricked into saying the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon!” through the paging system.

A “Let’s Go Brandon!” billboard was even spotted showing Biden devouring an ice cream cone.

And, then, there are some visual memes:

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