How an African American GOP senator deals with haters on the Left

by WorldTribune Staff, January 15, 2017

Being both Republican and African American requires going the extra mile which includes developing skills for dealing with the “tolerant” Left.

When Sen. Tim Scott and William Smith, both African Americans, testified on behalf of Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions last week, a tweet referred to them as “house n—–s”

Sen. Tim Scott

The South Carolina senator’s one-word response to the now-deleted tweet – “Senate”.

Scott was informing the hater that both he and Smith, who is a former aide to Sen. Sessions, worked in the Senate.

“It’s crazy how many times I’ve been called either the n-word, or an Uncle Tom … simply because they do not agree with me,” Scott said in a statement to Aol News.

“Right now, I have about three or four pages of this nonsense because of the Sessions nominations,” Scott said. “Unfortunately, some people feel like they have a license to say stupid stuff, and too often it comes from liberals. So I thought it was a good time to really tell people what I thought.”

Scott was sworn into office in 2013, making him the first black senator to represent South Carolina since Reconstruction.

“I remember back in my House office we had to shut the phones down during one of the debt ceiling votes because I had staffers crying after so many racially charged phone calls,” he said.

“I usually just ignore it. They have the right to say these things, but I also have the right to just simply disregard ignorance. My motto has always been — disagree without being disagreeable.”