Globalists’ idea of progress: Collapsing the food supply so we must ‘eat ze bugs’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 29, 2023

Independent media outlets are shining a light on what exactly the globalists at the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations are up to and how a planned collapse of the world food supply will pave the way to make non-elite humans dependent on insects and lab-grown meat.

You may call it insanity. They call it “progress.”

Klaus Schwab

The Epoch Times, in a video report titled “The One Globalist Lie Destroying Our Food System“, states: “An insect, according to the United Nations, might actually be your future dinner. Right now, globally, meat-related agriculture is being vilified for causing too much climate change, using too much land, using up too much water, and so on. And so, as a part of the “green agenda” to fix these so-called problems, policies are being implemented across the world that are effectively handcuffing farmers, and sometimes even completely crippling their operations.”

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The report continued: “If all of these meat farmers are put out of business in order to ‘save the planet,’ what exactly are we going to eat? Where are people going to get their protein from?”

As the grand poobah of globalists Klaus Schwab would say: “Eat ze bugs.”

As Revolver News put it: “Schwab will be feasting on prime beef, while you and I are stuck eating cockroach omelets in our cramped 60-square-foot pods.”

Historian and novelist Michael Walsh, editor of the book “Against the Great Reset: 8 Theses Contra the New World Order”, refers to those who advocate for these changes, of which the “Green New Deal” proposed by New York socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an offshoot, as “malevolent do-gooders.”

Walsh notes that people are being told all these massive disruptions to their lifestyles and liberties are for their own good. But, as we saw with Covid, once freedoms are surrendered, recovering them is very difficult.

What Schwab’s “Great Reset” demands is that we give up our houses, cars, and meat — and like it.

“If you don’t see an ’emergency order’ banning meat as a likely future move to ‘save humanity,’ then maybe you haven’t been paying attention after all,” Revolver News noted. “The Left is like a dog with a bone when they latch onto an idea, and they won’t stop until they’ve made it a reality. So gear up, because we’ve got a real battle on our hands if we want to keep our natural traditions and instincts alive.”

Revolver News continued: “It’ll take more than just saying no to bugs and lab-grown meat. We’ve got to oust the RINOs who can easily be swayed by globalists and left-wing climate zealots. They want us living under one set of rules while they enjoy their elite lifestyles. If we’re not ten steps ahead, ‘Let them eat bugs’ could well become their new rallying cry and our way of life.”

A new video posted by the folks at Wide Awake Media nails it down:

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