Facts do not support media’s and DNC’s narrative in Charlotte violence

by WorldTribune Staff, September 29, 2016

The major media’s coverage and Democratic politicians’ description of the recent “protests” in Charlotte and what led up to them run counter to the actual facts on the ground, analysts say.

The depiction of Charlotte as a racist southern town in which police gunned down a “peaceful” black man is contradicted by an array of obvious data point such as the fact that a black officer shot Keith Lamont Scott and the city has a black police chief.

Black Lives Matter advocates and its supporters need to take a reality walk. /Getty Images
‘Black Lives Matter advocates and its supporters need to take a reality walk.’ /Getty Images

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Furthermore, according to new reports, police sources said that the gun Scott had on him when he was shot was recently stolen in a burglary.

“Police critics initially asserted that Scott did not have a firearm on him at the time of the shooting,” The Daily Caller noted on Sept. 27.

“Speculation even swirled at progressive news outlets like MSNBC that the gun, which was seen in one photo taken at the time of the incident, had been planted by police.”

Due to previous felony charges, Scott was legally prohibited from owning a firearm. Police also reported they observed Scott smoking marijuana in his vehicle and then wielding a gun outside of his apartment complex before he was approached by officers.

“This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with creating chaos,” said a Raleigh-area business owner who asked that his name not be used due to the controversy surrounding the incident. He was commenting on reports that non-North Carolina paid activists were responsible for much of the violence.

Absent from the media coverage and Democratic National Committee talking points about the turmoil are reports  that up to 70 percent of those taking part in the riots were not from Charlotte. Analyst say most were paid agitators bused into the city to confront police for political purposes.

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“Something invaluable was tossed aside in Charlotte, North Carolina, recently both by those making the news, rioting in the wake of a policeman’s shooting death of a black man, as well as those reporting it. It is clear what was cast aside in Charlotte, both by the media and the rioters, was truth,” Jim Zumwalt wrote for The Blaze on Sept. 27.

“It is just such an entitlement sense that brought 70 percent of the rioters arrested in Charlotte from out of town. These were not protesters but agitators in search of their entitlement — most often found in a local store they had trashed,” Zumwalt wrote.

“Despite the violence that took place in Charlotte, some in the media, for whatever reason, call the protests peaceful. Try to explain that to the owners of businesses broken into, renters of apartments where windows were shattered, drivers of cars upon whose vehicles rocks were dropped.

“Unwilling to leave it at that, the media also pushed the false perception the police shooting victim, Scott, was a ‘quiet family man.’ Ignored was the reality he had been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon in two states and assault in three — two of which included assaults on a child and a female.”