Easter censorship: YouTube restricts remarkable satire video that triggered violent assault


[YouTube was not laughing at this video of a satirist with a megaphone lampooning mask-wearers out the passenger-side window as his vehicle drove slowly by downtown shops. The Google-owned social media giant slapped a Covid Info tag on the offending piece and required viewers to sign in to verify their ages.]

‘Your government loves you . . . .’ / video image

“Everybody, there is no need to question authority. Everything on the TV is always true. Your government would never lie or manipulate you for any reason. …

“Trust the media, keep on wearing those masks. Just 14 more years and we’ll flatten the curve and be back to normal. You’re all doing a great job. Thank you for your service. We love you. …

“Sir, thank you for cooperating. Just trust the narrative. Believe the mainstream media, do what you’re told. There’s no need to think for yourself. The government is your friend. The media is your friend. They 100 percent love you.

“Just isolate yourself, don’t get any sunshine, lock yourself in your basement, live your life in fear, stay away from strangers and this will all be over.”

Finally cognitive dissonance got the better of a bike-wielding assailant in a shocking conclusion to a welcomed piece of political theater. Click here to view the video.