Democrat Ray Kelly: NYPD are ‘backing off … crime is raging out of control’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 5, 2020

Orders by Democrats, led by Mayor Bill de Blasio, for police in New York City to “back off” has “sapped the strength” of the NYPD and led to an out-of-control wave of crime, former NYPD chief Ray Kelly said.

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. / YouTube

“Crime is raging out of control here in New York City,” Kelly, a Democrat, said in an interview Sunday on John Catsimatidis’s radio show on WABC.

“I don’t see anything that’s going to change the trajectory of that continuing to rise. There are disorderly groups all over the city challenging police officers … police are generally backing off … because their political leaders, the mayors … are telling cops to back off.”

De Blasio, the Democrat mayor, has done significant damage to the NYPD during his tenure, Kelly said.

“This mayor is atrocious. If I had a magic wand I’d remove him. But, unfortunately, what’s waiting in the wings is no better.”

Kelly said de Blasio’s $1 billion defunding effort of the NYPD is “kind of kabuki financing.… We have de Blasio here for another 18 months. And that’s very, very discouraging.”

Kelly a proponent of the department’s former “stop and frisk” policy, said the mayor has “sapped the strength of the department” and will ultimately make the city less safe.

The former chief, who also served in the Clinton administration, said that the Democratic Party has moved too far left when it comes to issues of law enforcement.

“It’s such a change from years ago. You just don’t hear anything from [Democrats],” Kelly said. “They’re sitting on their hands. Or they’re being very supportive [of] taking down the statues… That’s what they’re interested in. That’s what they’re supporting. Rather than, ‘Hey, let’s get some good old basic law and order.’ What about everyday citizens?”

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