Covid hysteria: Irrational adults creating a lost generation of children

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 2, 2020

Where is the dashboard which counts child suicides, overdoses and diagnosis of mental health problems due to the coronavirus hysteria created by those over whom they have no control?

Children rely on rational adults to guide them through their fears. In 2020, America’s children found out what happens when “adults impose upon kids their own irrational fears,” a columnist wrote.

Covid hysteria has gotten to the point where the adults demonstrate to the children “that breathing without a mask and being around people are categorical threats to their lives,” Daniel Horowitz wrote for The Blaze on Dec. 2.

Horowitz cited the story of Michael Myronuk Jr., a 14-year-old freshman at Dulaney High School in Baltimore County, Maryland.

“Michael was a gifted and talented student who appeared to have a bright future ahead of him. Until the March shutdown of schools under the false notion that this virus poses a meaningful risk to children,” Horowitz noted.

On Oct. 20, Michael took his own life, according to a report by WBFF. Michael’s parents believe it was due to the social isolation and closure of in-person schooling. Heathyr Sidle, the boy’s mother, told WBFF that Michael had spiraled into depression in the ensuing months after the lockdown. “He didn’t have any hope. He just gave up.”

According to a CDC survey in late June, symptoms of anxiety and depression had already tripled since March and an unfathomable 26 percent of people aged 18 to 24 had considered suicide in the past month prior to the survey.

In November, the CDC released an analysis showing a 31 percent increase in mental health-related ER visits among children ages 12-17 since the lockdowns in March and even a 24 percent increase in ER visits for children ages 5-11. The CDC cited “abrupt disruptions to daily life associated with mitigation efforts, including anxiety about illness, social isolation, and interrupted connectedness to school.”

Suicides are up 30 percent among youth in the Seattle area over last year, but a large increase comes from younger adolescents. According to public disclosure data obtained by the Post Millennial: “The age groups of 11, 14 and 15 did not have any recorded suicides in the county in 2019, but in 2020 accounted for 7.69 percent, 38.46 percent and 15.38 percent respectively.”

It was Dr. Anthony Fauci himself who late last month urged American leaders to keep schools open as the spread of coronavirus between children is “low.” Most of the major media who have reliably aired Fauci’s every word on the pandemic did not report on Fauci’s plea to keep schools open. So much for “following the science.”

The major media and tyrannical governors and mayors who are directly responsible for so much of the suffering Americans have endured since March continue to insist schools remain closed.

“The propagation of irrational fear, universal masking, and social isolation is particularly harmful for younger children who haven’t lived long under ‘the old normal’ to experience life properly,” Horowitz wrote.

Last month, researchers at the University of Washington and University of California published a study at JAMA Network showing a total of 24.2 million children aged 5 to 11 years lost a median of 58 days of instruction in the spring. Based on the educational attainment lost, and its chain reaction of better health, wealth, and upward mobility that come along with a better education, they study estimates a cumulative loss of 5.53 million life years from this generation of children. And those numbers increase every day schools continue to remain closed.

“Then there are the ancillary harms the panic policies impose upon the kids that range from increased poverty, skyrocketing divorce rates, and the weakening of the very immune system God gave them that has made them so resilient to this virus,” Horowitz noted.

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