Coming to you via the Democrat Party and corporate media: 2021 — the new normal

by WorldTribune Staff, January 5, 2021

“The government is essential.”

“The government is life.”

“The government is your family.”

“Questioning masks is murder.”

“Thinking for yourself endangers the common good.”

The scene from a mall in the U.S. is titled by Citizen Free Press as “NPC mask brilliance”.

As Citizen Free Press describes it: “The initialism NPC refers to non-player character, a term used in video games for characters the player cannot control. As such, NPCs have no internality, agency, or capacity for critical thought, they rely on scripted lines and do not think for themselves. They are Democrats, in other words.

The Twitter user who posted the video noted: “We need to be doing this everywhere.”

A similar scene from Europe:

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