Carlson: Merrick Garland lied about Nashville; Main terror threat is from people ‘who think they are God’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 30, 2023

Is there a more powerful force in the once Judeo-Christian USA than the transgender lobby?

Consider the scene on Capitol Hill Tuesday when Republican lawmakers pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland on whether the Department of Justice would open a hate crime investigation after a transgender shooter killed six people at a Christian private school in Nashville.

Joe Biden with Attorney General Merrick Garland

“I realize that the shooter is dead, but the shooter could have had collaborators. Do you plan on opening a hate crime investigation for the targeting of Christians?” Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana asked Garland at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.

Garland responded: “As of now a motive hasn’t been identified…motive is what determines whether it’s a hate crime or not.”

The attorney general had noted that the FBI and ATF “are both on the scene working with the local police. … We are certainly working full time with them to try and determine what the motive is.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday said it is not surprising given the power of the trans lobby that a motive and designation of a hate crime targeted Christians have not been declared.

“So, here’s what we just learned from Merrick Garland. The FBI, the ATF and the Nashville police are all investigating these shootings. Yet more than 24 hours after they took place, none of those professional investigators can even guess as to why the shootings happened. Motive hasn’t been identified, Garland told us. Really? You wonder how that could possibly be,” Carlson said.

“Just before she opened fire, the Nashville shooter wrote these words to her best friend over Instagram: ‘One day this will make more sense. I’ve left behind more than enough evidence.’

“That evidence includes a written manifesto where the killer spells out exactly why she killed children. The FBI, the ATF, the national police, and for that matter, Merrick Garland, all have access to that manifesto. And yet, somehow the attorney general informs us that a motive has not yet been identified.

“Well, he’s lying. They all are lying. We can’t see the manifesto because the transgender lobby, which has far more power than you do, has pressured politicians to keep it hidden, but we can be certain what it says. Monday’s victims were murdered because they were Christians. It’s that simple.”

The trans community hates Christians “above all, not because Christians are a physical threat – the third-graders were not a physical threat – but because Christians refused to join every other liar in our society and proclaim that transgenderists are gods with the power to change nature itself,” Carlson said.

“Christians are not allowed to say that; they have their own God. And for that refusal, that unwillingness to bow down and worship a false idol, in this case of transgenderism, they were murdered. We have never seen this battle so starkly set as it is now.”

Carlson continued:

“People who know they’re not God are by definition, restrained. They understand the limits of their own power and of their virtue. They appreciate the complexity of the world, which they freely admit they don’t really understand because no human can fully understand it. They may not always be good people, but they are certainly less dangerous people, if only because their ambitions are limited by the acknowledgment of reality. Only God can do certain things, and they know they are not him.

“Now, people who think they are God are not like this at all. People who believe they’re God have no natural limits because God has no limits, nor do they have any real concern for others. They are their own God. They worship themselves. In Freudian terms, they are narcissists, and narcissists admit no fault. They externalize everything. They always blame others. So, not surprisingly, given this, transgenderists and their allies spent today attacking Christians just days after a transgenderist murdered Christian children.”

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