Bidenomics: Administration finds shortage of U.S. oil production ‘hilarious’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 7, 2021

Are increasingly rising gas prices a laughing matter?

If you are a leftist millionaire or billionaire elite on a mission to end the use of fossil fuels at any cost, it would appear so.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm found it quite “hilarious” that someone would ask her about her plan to increase oil production in the U.S.

Bloomberg’s Tom Keene inquired on Friday: “What is the Granholm plan to increase oil production in America?”

Granholm, formerly governor of Michigan, cackled, then responded: “That is hilarious. Would that I had the magic wand on this. As you know, of course, oil is a global market. It is controlled by a cartel. That cartel is called OPEC and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase production beyond what they were already planning.”

The Michigan Republican Party noted in a tweet: “Gas prices are at historic highs and hurting American families and their wallets daily. But former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, currently the U.S. Secretary of Energy, thinks it is hilarious that someone dare ask her to elaborate on how she plans to fix this issue for Americans.”

The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman noted: “It wouldn’t take a magic wand to encourage more production in the U.S., which is blessed with vast untapped reserves of oil. Step one for Team Biden might be to stop urging Congress to spend more than half a trillion dollars to discourage the use of fossil fuels in favor of alternative energy sources. A strategy might also include approving pipelines instead of cancelling them, and approving rather than suspending oil leases on federal land in Alaska. Surely Ms. Granholm has figured out by now that the more global market share U.S. oil producers take, the less power OPEC has to set prices.”

Steve Milloy, a former Environmental Protection Agency aide under President Donald Trump and founder of, said: “Millionaire Energy Secretary Granholm laughs as she acknowledges that the Biden regime has put OPEC back in charge of global oil production and soaring prices that are harming non-millionaire Americans. No U.S. government official has ever thrown up their hands and cackled at Americans being gouged at the pump.”

Republican National Committee staffer Zach Parkinson said: “There’s fierce competition for most out of touch Biden cabinet member, but Jennifer Granholm fights for the title harder than anyone.”

OPEC and a group of Russia-led producers have blown off Team Biden’s continuous appeals to significantly increase output. The oil cartes has decided keep to their gradual, monthly increase in oil output, deciding to boost production by 400,000 barrels a day next month.

Joe Biden on Tuesday said: “If you take a look at gas prices…that is a consequence of, thus far, the refusal of Russia or the OPEC nations to pump more oil. We’ll see what happens on that score sooner than later.”

During the interview on Friday, Freeman noted, “Granholm simply couldn’t help but laugh at the contradictions in her energy agenda. When she wasn’t on camera lamenting that OPEC wouldn’t agree to pump more oil, she was proposing costly schemes intended to offset such production.”

Timothy Gardner of Reuters reported that Team Biden on Friday set a goal for driving down the cost of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, as part of a U.S. plan to de-carbonize the economy by 2050.

“We have already poisoned the atmosphere, we have to repair and heal the Earth and the only way to do that is to remove carbon dioxide permanently,” Granholm said while introducing the initiative at the COP26 UN climate talks in Glasgow, Scotland. Granholm failed to mention how much Team Biden “poisoned” the atmosphere by flying 13 staffers to Scotland and using a huge carbon-spewing motorcade to get to and from the summit venue.

In the meantime, Freeman noted, “Granholm and Biden are urging petro-dictators to make even more ‘poison.’ Come to think of it, maybe this nonsensical policy really is kind of hilarious.”

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