Biden live: ‘Dark’ speech praised by media chorus, repeated Charlottesville lie

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 21, 2020

Joe Biden closed out a dreary Democratic National Convention by focusing on the gathering’s four-day theme — darkness and division.

The Democrat candidate emerged from his basement to accuse President Donald Trump of having “cloaked America in darkness for far too long.” Biden vowed to help the country “overcome this season of darkness.”

Joe Biden addresses the DNC on Thursday.

The major media, which claims to know all about how “democracy dies in darkness,” put a bright, shiny spin on the 77-year-old candidate’s gloom-and-doom speech.

CNN went with the headline “Biden lays out brighter vision for America”. This is the same “network” of “journalists” which declared former President Barack Obama’s equally dark DNC address this week as “the finest convention speech in modern history.”

In an analysis for the Washington Free Beacon, Andrew Stiles noted that Biden’s “deeply alarming phrases cribbed from the speech notes of history’s worst dictators who donned military uniforms and rallied the masses.”

Biden “mostly toed the Democratic line until delivering a controversial sign off — ‘God protect our troops’ — that is sure to rile up the party’s left-wing base,’ Stiles added. “On the other hand, he opened his speech by reading a quote from Ella Baker, a socialist activist who rejected Martin Luther King’s leadership style. All in all, Biden managed to read the words on his teleprompter and say them out loud with an acceptable degree of competence.”

As he has done many times during the 2020 campaign, Biden also repeated the lie that President Donald Trump referred to neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Va in 2917 as “very fine people.”

Biden, other Democrats and the corporate media have the line on a permanent loop to back up their claim that Trump is a white supremacist. The loop, of course, does not contain the full context of Trump’s comments. The president said the neo-Nazis should be “condemned totally.”

“Biden knows he is lying about this,” Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Joel B. Pollak noted.

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Biden has regurgitated the “very fine people” lie since the very start of his campaign, even claiming that it motivated him to run.

He has also claimed that his self-professed Catholic faith, Pope Francis and “nuns” motivated him to run. Biden fully supports the Democrat platform of abortion on demand. According to the Catholic Church: “If a political candidate supported abortion, or any other moral evil, such as assisted suicide and euthanasia, for that matter, it would not be morally permissible for you to vote for that person.”

Stiles added that Biden’s address “surpassed expectation on multiple counts: 1) He was alive, 2) He was awake, and 3) He hadn’t lost the ability to read and say words out loud.”

‘Creepy Joe’ mobile billboard spotted in Wilmington

A mobile video billboard truck with a “Creepy Joe Biden” display was seen driving the streets of Wilmington, Delaware and parked outside the hotel where Biden gave his address to the DNC on Thursday.

One side read “Antifa for Biden” while another message said “Creepy Joe Biden” and showed him holding a small girl by the head as he sniffed her hair.

A large crowd of Trump supporters descended on Delaware to crash the convention ahead of Biden’s speech, with one woman even donning a creepy cardboard cutout of the hair-sniffing nominee.

In videos posted online, the group could be seen waving American flags and Trump 2020 signs outside the Chase Center where Biden was officially crowned the Democratic nominee, chanting, “Creepy Joe has got to go!” and “Back the blue” in a nod to the Blue Lives Matter movement.

A small plane repeatedly flew over the convention space trailing a banner that read, “Joe Biden is Losing It — Vote Trump 2020,” paid for by Trump Students, according to a tweet from co-founder Ryan Fournier.

In one incident outside of the DNC convention center, the Gateway Pundit reported that Biden supporters attacked a 7-year-old boy who was wearing a red MAGA hat.

The boy was heard on video asking his mother to dial 9-1-1.

“Get off my property! Are you going to destroy my property?” a woman said to a masked Biden supporter. “Yes, we are,” the Biden supporter replied.

One of the Biden supporters then grabbed the child’s red MAGA hat and refused to give it back.

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