Anti-police ‘protesters’ lock selves out of car … guess who helped them

by WorldTribune Staff, September 6, 2020

After spending the afternoon on Thursday demonstrating against what they claim are the injustices perpetrated by police in Hoover, Alabama, some “protesters” discovered they had locked their keys in their car.

Hoover police assist anti-police ‘protesters’.

Guess who came to their assistance?

The very police officers they had just been screaming at and accusing of brutality helped the group unlock their car, according to Hoover City Administrator Allan Rice.

Rice noted in a Facebook post: “When you spend all afternoon protesting against Hoover Police Department and realize you locked your keys in the car, only to be rescued by…Hoover Police Department. Can’t make this stuff up.”

This is the same city where police in June reported that so-called “protesters” had thrown bottles of urine at them.

The Hoover Police Department noted in a July Facebook post that organizers of the so-called protests “routinely ask for ‘volunteers’ to break the law by walking into lanes of traffic or by sitting down in the middle of a busy roadway. These volunteers are sometimes juveniles under the age of 18.”

The Hoover PD reported it had several “close calls” where demonstrators and officers were almost struck by vehicles.

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