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Tuesday, January 19, 2010     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

'Large number of Wahhabis' streaming into Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Muslim terrorists in the Balkans have established a terrorist training camp in northeast Bosnia-Herzegovina, according to a report in the newspaper Dnevni List.   

The Mostar-based Croatian newspaper reported Jan. 6, quoting security sources that the special training camp is located near Gornja Moaca in the northeastern part of the country.

U.S. intelligence agencies have been closely monitoring Muslims in the Balkans amid concerns that fundamentalist Muslims have been recruiting there.

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Intelligence reports continued to surface that Al Qaida and other Islamist groups have been aggressively recruiting Europeans and others who do not appear to be from the Middle East or South Asia as part of plans to thwart western counterterrorism security measures.

The report stated that residents near Gornja Maoca, a village between Tuzla and Brcko, are concerned because “a large number of the Wahhabis have arrived in the area over the last few months.”

The report quoted Bosnia-Herzegovina Ministry of Security sources as saying a large number of Wahhabis moved to the region under the pretext of helping to build a mosque.

Tuzla County MUP (ministry of Internal Affairs) spokesman Miralem Malkic did not confirm the information about the camp, stating he was unaware of the reports.

“The police visit Gornja Maoca twice a week. It is true that the village is home to an isolated community whose members consider themselves to be Wahhabis and that they have so far shown no interest in communicating with the police," Malkic said, and went on to confirm that an unusually large number of Wahhabi adherents were in Gornja Maoca to help build a mosque.

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