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We would like to let you in on a little secret

. . . . Not to mention the really big ones!

World specializes in exclusive news for a general interest audience whose numbers have grown dramatically since its launch in December, 1998. But our editors and writers also have access to information not yet on the radar screens of the "mass media." We have decided to publish these reports in a new online newsletter, Such news can have profound consequences.

Consider for example the seismic impact of the national security reporting for The Washington Times by Bill Gertz, author of the bestsellers "Betrayal," "China Threat," and most recently, "Breakdown: How American Intelligence Failures Led to September 11." We are delighted to announce that Mr. Gertz is our Contributing Editor. The other reporters and editors for are also seasoned veterans who regularly break stories ahead of the competition.

We cannot put a price tag on the intelligence briefings you will receive from You, the subscriber, will have to do that. The affordable subscription fee for these weekly reports is calculated merely to cover our basic cost of operation. With your support and that of your friends, associates, and relatives, we plan to continually upgrade our level of service and overall coverage.

To our loyal readers we say thank you for your thousands of e-mails and expressions of encouragement. Your subscription to means a lot. There are no large corporations or organizations that make our work possible. Each and every subscriber counts.

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