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EXCLUSIVE REPORTS: is a free daily newspaper made possible by subscriptions to the exclusive intelligence newsletters, and For subscription information see: 'We would like to let you in on a little secret . . . .' and 'Cutting Edge Reports from the Far East . . . '. For other membership options, click here.

MISSION STATEMENT: provides international news of strategic significance in a digital format for an increasingly global audience. Supported by subscription and advertising revenues, and its parent company East West Services, Inc., receives no funding from any entity. Opinion columns published by tend to reinforce the Judeo-Christian values and the philosophy of governance and freedom inherent in the founding of the United States of America and which are understood to apply to all people, in every nation.


EWS publications are read by millions monthly worldwide including decision-makers at the highest levels of government, business, military and academe. Readers of of EWS publications on average have significantly higher incomes and education levels than those of most leading general interest media operations. Marketing, investment, advertising and foreign franchise opportunities are available for the unique EWS business model. See contact information below.

EDITORIAL: focuses on international news and commentary. Unlike some Internet news publications, and its affiliated publications apply newspaper standards to news content and work only with editors and correspondents who are trained news professionals. Applicants should submit copies/links to published articles, resume and references.

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