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China wants to construct a 50 square mile
self-sustaining city south Of Boise, Idaho . . . " See Story     

Guidance for illegal aliens . . .

for those who can read English . . . . . . " See Story     

Harry Reid confronted by irreverent citizen in gourmet market

Sometimes power ain't all it's cracked up to be . . . . . . " See Story     

The Earth and the moon from 114 million miles out

Earth can be seen at a distance of around 114 million miles in an image taken by Nasa's Messenger spacecraft. . . . " See Story     

Teddy Roosevelt on the subject of immigration

"We have room for but one sole loyalty . . . " See Story     

Revolution of the wrong kind

The big media first ignored, then deplored the Tea Party movement See Story     

Don't mess with Col. Van T. Barfoot

Then Sgt. Van T. Barfoot, right, earned the Medal of Honor while serving with the L Company, 157th Infantry Regiment. See Story     "Rock of Anzio"/Flint Whitlock

The mysterious Norwegian spiral

There's a reason for everything . . .

A personality cult 'is absolutely necessary'

Chairman O: America's 'Great Leap Forward'

Going for broke

Nuff said. Source: Circulating on the Internet
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