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June 14, 2004

Rush Limbaugh: WMD, Iraq-Al-Qaeda Links Turning Up

RUSH: There's a newspaper out there called the World Tribune. I saw it on their website, and they make no bones about the fact that there's a story over the weekend that the weapons of mass destruction are routinely being found, evidence of them. I'll find it here in the stack. The UN is saying this. It's not so much the weapons, but the remnants that Saddam actually dismantled and it's the dismantled remnants that have been found in various places. I'll find that and run it by you. . . .

RUSH: Here's Evan in St. Louis. It's great to have you, Evan, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Mega dittos Rush, from St. Louis here.

RUSH: Yes.

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CALLER: Pleasure to speak with you. I was surfing the Internet and the Drudge Report on Friday and they had that article about weapons of mass destruction coming from the UN inspectors.

RUSH: Yes. It's a World Tribune website, right?

CALLER: Yeah, there was link to that on the Drudge Report. And what I found, you know, wouldn't say encouraging because it's not encouraging that obviously that they exist, but it says from the UN inspectors that Saddam shipped them out before and after the war. And says from the UN inspectors that Saddam shipped them out before and after the war. And think that, you know, again, I was on other places, didn't find anything about it on other websites, but it seems like this is something that's important, you know, obviously to get out and to kind of vindicate President bush, and it is a non-U.S. sources. This is from the UN inspectors. And I don't know. I was wondering what you thought about it and kind get your take on it.

RUSH: Well, yeah, I guess you didn't hear me just talking about this, and I'm trying to find -- I printed it out, and I can't find the stack that I put it in, but it confuses me why nobody is making a bigger deal of this. That's why I don't know. I've accessed this site before, the World Tribune, but I don't know really what it is, other than that it's a newspaper. But that's why I was saying, it's sort of curious that even though that there are now -- if you don't believe this, if you don't believe that there are firm links that connect Al-Qaeda to Iraq, there's a piece in the Wall Street Journal today, and it's a great piece. Let me find the author of the piece. They have a lot of things there. It's Herbert Meyer, and Herbert Meyer served during the Reagan administration as special assistant to Bill Casey, who was the director of central intelligence, who was a great director of central intelligence, by the way, and that's one of the things this column is largely about in the Wall Street Journal today. So I am curious, if this story is true, that weapons of mass destruction have indeed or the remnants of them have been found, why there is no -- and, by the way, this story says it's the UN, UN inspectors. UN people there have discovered this.


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