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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blood feud building between Hamas, Fatah: 'There will be violence'

RAMALLAH — The Palestinian Authority see the Hamas regime facing an uprising in the Gaza Strip.   

Officials said PA intelligence has determined that the thousands of Palestinians whose homes were destroyed or damaged in the Gaza Strip would demand immediate compensation from the Hamas regime. They said unfulfilled demands could quickly turn into a revolt against Hamas.

"Right now, the people are in shock, but wait 10 days and you will see demands from Hamas for money for their destroyed homes and property," a PA intelligence official said.

The PA intelligence assessment asserted that within weeks Fatah-aligned and other clans would launch attacks on Hamas officials. The assessment said Hamas has been preparing for a backlash.

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"There will be violence; this is clear," another intelligence official said.

Hamas was said to have received pledges of up to $2 billion half from Saudi Arabia. The European Union has also been examining a massive reconstruction effort in the Gaza Strip.

A likely source of the anti-Hamas unrest was expected to stem from Fatah-aligned clans, such as Dughmoush and Masri, officials said. In 2007 and 2008, Dughmoush fought Hamas squads throughout Gaza City.

The officials said the Hamas regime has already launched a massive crackdown on the Fatah opposition in the Gaza Strip. They said Fatah was accused of collaborating with Israel, particularly in tracking leading members of Hamas's military. They included Hamas Interior Minister Said Siyam, killed on Jan. 17.

So far, about 300 Fatah members were said to have been arrested in the Gaza Strip since Jan. 17. Officials said many of them were being tortured and killed in schools, hospitals and mosques. Most Hamas facilities were destroyed in the Israeli war.

"Some of these Fatah people were accused of providing information on the whereabouts of Siyam," a PA source said.

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