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[Updated January 1, 2009,]

New: "Is Gov. Palin Ready for Primetime?"

[Avg.: 1=Strongly Disagree, 5=Strongly Agree]

  • Now that Gov. Palin has met Henry Kissinger she is fully qualified to sell out U.S. interests.       1.95
  • Seriously, Gov. Palin is a true maverick and will buck the foreign policy establishment.       3.83
  • Unlike Joe Biden, Gov. Palin has all synapses firing in her gray matter.        4.48
  • We will never know why Kim Jong-Il melted down but it probably had something to do with Gov. Palin.       2.29
  • Barack Obama has more 'gravitas' than that air head Gov. Palin.       1.49
  • Vladimir Putin is pulling for Obama/Biden.       4.60
  • Hu Jintao and the CCP are pulling for Obama/Biden.       4.58

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