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Wednesday, May 5, 2010     INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING

The United Nations as global enabler of terrorism

By Sheda Vasseghi

In this ever changing world of politics overshadowed by the current threat to peace by rogue states, the United Nations is failing to fulfill its duty as guardian to peace and security.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad      AFP/Don Emmert
Although the first known human rights decree authored by the Iranian king Cyrus the Great adorns the halls of UN, the international body continues to provide a forum to Iran's illegitimate leader Ahmadinejad where he can proliferate his distortions while his thugs in Western Asia train and supply terrorists to murder Americans and innocent civilians in the region. Unlike the Iranian culture that was based on tolerance and inclusion, the land of Cyrus the Great is now in the hands of an Islamofascist regime rooted in prejudice and terror and renowned as one of the world's worst violators of human rights.

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The Islamic Republic was just elected to the UN's Commission of the Status for Women. The regime's thirty-year track record in suppressing and torturing women and minorities, including the murder of Ms. Neda Agha-Soltan before the whole world, must have earned it this honor. The UN has become an enabler!

  • In 1979, the clerics came to power in Iran by a so-called "revolution" involving decades of efforts by the Islamists, disgruntled communists, and misguided foreign powers. Iran, a country with a pivotal role in maintaining peace and security in the Persian Gulf region, fell from modernism and secularism to backward Islamofascism.

  • Khomeini, the father of Islamofascism, gave birth to Hizbullah. And the Islamic Republic launched its spiritual, political, and military grand strategy of forming a regional Shiite Caliphate at all costs. In order to achieve this grand strategy, the clerics in Tehran have and will continue to support Islamofascism in the region and elsewhere, including but not limited to, forming alliances with traditional enemies for the sake of reaching their ultimate goal. Hence backroom deals with Russia and China, two irresponsible and suppressive regimes.

  • The Islamic Republic supports Hizbullah and Hamas in their efforts to undermine any and all secular, democratic movements in the region. The Islamic Republic funds both groups to continue their destructive, uncivilized, and inhumane activities not only against the innocent people of the region, but those who are trying to help them emerge from 7th century mentality and way of life. Hamas recently reported that the Islamic Republic is contributing most of its $540 million 2010 budget while only about $60 million will be coming from taxes and fees. Recently, the "Mullah Godfathers" in Tehran called upon their paid thugs to return the favor and help them threaten, beat, and kill Iranian civilians demonstrating against the illegitimate government in Iran. In the mean time, the citizens of U.S. and its allies continue to foot the bill for the Islamic Republic's destructive meddling in the Israeli/Palestinian chaos.

  • Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the people of Afghanistan have been subjected to continuous terror by the Islamofascists. Afghanistan will not see peace and stability as long as the clerics in Tehran interfere with its internal politics and refuse to cooperate in bringing stability to the war-torn country. Given the Islamic Republic is similar to the Taliban in philosophy and inhumanity, it has no desire for the Taliban to lose its power against a secular, modern regime pressed to bring Afghanistan out of the Dark Ages. The problem in Afghanistan is not the presence of foreign forces or its people, but rather the ousted Taliban, who support misogyny, a warped theocracy, and national production of heroin. The clerics in Tehran claim they are battling an influx of heroin across the borders addicting thousands of Iranians. But in reality, the regime in Tehran wants the people of Iran to be bound by addiction, poverty, and overall lack of will in order to block any internal revolts. The sick and the destitute cannot champion revolutions! In the mean time, the citizens of U.S. and its allies continue to foot the bill for the Islamic Republic's destructive meddling in Afghanistan's affairs.

  • Since the fall of Saddam in 2003, Iraqis have been subjected to continuous butchery at the hands of Islamofascist terrorists. Iraq will not see peace and reconstruction as long as the Islamic Republic supports insurgency by supplying terrorists with weapons, security, intelligence, and funds through its Quds Force, a special unit dedicated to supporting Islamofascist movements. The Islamic Republic's influence in Iraq is broad. Not only does it have strong ties with the Shiite clerics in Iraq, but it also uses Iran's resources to influence Iraqi elections and internal affairs. As long as the regime in Tehran can hamper efforts for stabilizing Iraq and block the formation of a secular, productive government, it diverts attention from its own nuclear arms activities. In the mean time, the citizens of U.S. and its allies continue to foot the bill for the Islamic Republic's destructive meddling in Iraq.

Memo to the UN: The people of Iran have lived under terror for thirty years. This terror has spread across Europe and U.S. Sadly, American mainstream media treats 9/11 as an isolated incident instead of a sample of what is yet to come if rogue regimes are not eradicated.

Not only has the regime in Tehran mastered using Western agencies against the West, it also uses such tools as the Interpol to mark Iranian opposition leaders and journalists as terrorists effectively hampering their ability to travel and entangling them in unnecessary legal proceedings. As long as the clerics control Iran and its national wealth, there will be no "rebuilding" of Iraq or Afghanistan, there will be no Israeli/Palestinian peace, there will be no progress in Lebanon, there will be no end to "jihads" or "fatwas," and there will be no control over the global spread of terrorism.

The latest foiled terrorist act in New York City — thanks to vigilant citizens and competent law enforcement agencies — should serve as a wake up call to the U.S. and its allies to pay attention! Although the origination of this failed terrorist act was probably a byproduct of one of many Pakistani madrassas which, according to Arnaud de Borchgrave, produce an estimated 10,000 potential jihadists annually, the father of modern Islamic Jihad was Khomeini. In Jan. 14, 1980, during a visit by 120 Pakistani officers on a pilgrimage to Qom, Iran, Khomeini stated:

"We are at war against the infidel — take this message with you. I ask all Islamic nations, all Moslems, all Islamic armies, and all heads of Islamic States to join the Holy War. There are many enemies to be killed or destroyed. Jihad must triumph."

Khomeini wanted his Jihadist policies and ideologies to spread across the world including Pakistan which remains one of the biggest international problems.

The UN and leaders of the Free World should stop enabling rogue regimes from cementing their "evil" positions to the detriment of the civilized world and freedom loving people! Plans for appeasement, sanctions, or war are not the answer. The only solution in eradicating this cancer is to support the majority in Iran and their desire to choose an alternative secular and democratic government - a government responsible to its own people and committed to a productive partnership with the Free World. Perhaps UN forgot why it was formed in the first place. Every regime is not created equal!

Sheda Vasseghi is a regular contributor to on Iran’s Affairs.


If the UN would allow Hitler to speak its time to close the doors.

brenda tannenbaum      9:53 a.m. / Sunday, May 9, 2010

The United Nations has become so corrupt and partisan that it must be disbanded. The first step toward that objective is for the United States of America to stop contributing funds to an institution that attacks the U.S., our friends, and our people and military establishment every chance it gets. Down with the Un-united Nations...

Alfonso Barrs      9:44 p.m. / Saturday, May 8, 2010

The UN has become a terrorist appeasing organization. It's time to throw them out of NY and create a League of Democracies.

dave james      2:26 a.m. / Thursday, May 6, 2010

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