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Tuesday, May 11, 2010     GET REAL

Jordan may unload Mirage fleet on Argentina

LONDON — Jordan has sought to sell its aging French-origin Mirage fighter-jet fleet.


Industry sources said the Jordanian Defense Ministry was proposing to sell at least 13 Mirage F-1 fighters to a range of African and South American air forces.

They said Argentina appeared to be the most serious prospect to procure the Jordanian aircraft.

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Jordan procured its F-1 fleet in 1981 when it purchased 29 fighters from France's Dassault Aviation, Middle East Newsline reported. The sources said Jordan has sought to retain about half of the remaining fleet — or 12 F-1 Mirages — for training purposes.

Under the Jordanian proposal, the Hashemite kingdom would sell 12 F-1CJ fighters and an F-1BJ air trainer. The sources said Amman has asked $100 million for the surplus aircraft.

The sources said Argentina could decide on the Jordanian offer over the next few months. They said Amman has also offered the Mirages to Libya, which has sought to revive its moribund air force.

Jordan has been replacing the Mirages with the U.S.-origin F-16. The air force has a fleet of nearly 50 F-16A/Bs, most of them assigned for modernization.

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