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Thursday, January 28, 2010     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Eurofighter Typhoon outperforms U.S. F-15 in NATO exercises

LONDON — The Eurofighter has bested the U.S.-origin F-15 fighter-jet in combat exercises.   

Officials said the Eurofighter Typhoon outperformed the F-15 in mock dogfights in late 2009. They said the Eurofighter was deployed by the Spanish Air Force while the U.S. Air Force flew the F-15s.

"The Typhoons dominated the battlespace," an official said.

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During the exercise, titled Dissimilar Aircraft Combat Training, two Eurofighters defeated eight F-15s. In one engagement, one of the Typhoons shot down four F-15s, with the second Typhoon neutralizing three other F-15s.

The NATO exercise took place as Saudi Arabia accepted deliveries of the first Typhoons. The Royal Saudi Air Force also has about 150 F-15s, purchased from the U.S. firm Boeing.

The Eurofighter consortium has touted the Typhoon as the leading interceptor. Oman has also been examining the Eurofighter.

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