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Wednesday, December 9, 2009     FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

Yemen closes hospital found to be Iran front supporting Shi'ite rebels

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An Iranian hospital in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa has been ordered shut down amid reports that the facility was used as cover by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security for support and funding of Shi'ite Zaydi rebels.   

The 60-bed hospital has four operating rooms and six intensive care units.

The ostensible reason for the closing was the hospital’s failure to pay rent.

However reports from Sanaa say it was due to the illicit Iranian intelligence activities from the facility.

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A Yemeni walks past the Iranian Hospital in Sanaa.    AFP/Khaled Fazaa
The hospital were run by Iranian Red Crescent Society.

Yemen's interior minister issued a statement recently announcing the decision to close the Iranian hospital and clinic in Sanaa noting “financial non-transparency, as well monetary assistance to these two institutions from the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Yemen’s government in recent months has accused Tehran of backing Shiite rebels.

The closure highlights growing tensions between Yemen and Iran.

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